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Rear Derailleur

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  • Campagnolo Chorus 11 EPS Rear Derailleur
    Campagnolo's electronic EPS drivetrains have been highly coveted since their introduction to the market only a few years ago, and thankfully, the trickling down of technology has finally made it more affordable. The Chorus 11 groupset is the latest to be electrified. The Campagnolo Chorus 11 EPS...
  • Campagnolo Chorus 11 Rear Derailleur
    When it comes to effectively conducting the chorus of your cassette, few options can rival Campagnolo's Chorus 11 Rear Derailleur. The Chorus model does make some concessions to its more expensive Record and Super Record counterparts. Namely, it makes 13 and 17 concessions, respectively, which...
  • Campagnolo Record 11 Rear Derailleur
    For cyclists who want every possible advantage, Campagnolo's Record 11 Rear Derailleur shaves 13 grams off of the already low weight of the Chorus model -- a feat that's achieved without compromising the buttery shifting and durable reliability that Campagnolo is known for. Record's low weight,...
  • Campagnolo Super Record 11 Rear Derailleur
    Campagnolo's improved design for the Super Record 11 Rear Derailleur provides quicker, more precise shifting than the previous iteration. Campagnolo's redesign complements the change in cable pull ratio for the new shifters and features rectangular cross sections for an increased return load....
  • Campagnolo Super Record 11 EPS Rear Derailleur
    Nobody said that making an electronic shifting system would be easy, but Campagnolo doesn't think of engineering in terms of easy, they think in terms of necessity. For twenty years, Campagnolo engineers have been obsessed with creating the most precise rear derailleur in the world, and the Super...