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  • OnGuard K9 Folding Lock
    As much as we'd love to have a well-trained, thief-deterring German shepherd guarding our bike at all times, the logistics of such an operation are prohibitive, to say the least. Get easily portable and fur-free bike protection with the OnGuard K9 Folding Lock. Claimed to be nearly as secure as a...
  • Burley Flatbed Trailer
    The Burley Flatbed Bike Trailer lets you tow 100 pounds of gear, food, or whatever else you might need behind your bike like a human-powered semi truck. So whether you're a dedicated commuter, or you've got your sights set on an ambitious saddle-based road trip, you'll be able to carry pretty...
  • Burley Nomad Trailer
    With its 100lb capacity, the Burley Nomad Bike Trailer can carry your whole collection of handmade soap to the county fair, move all your tie-dyed vinyl across town to your new communal living space, or haul stacks of corncob flutes down to the farmer's market without making a fuss. The secret's...
  • Burley Storage Cover
    Regardless of which Burley trailer you're using, Burley strongly recommends storing it under its Storage Cover. This cover will keep the dust off of where Junior, Rex, or your groceries rest, keeping everyone and everything happy and spider-free. Additionally, Burley constructed the cover from a...
  • Burley Travoy Rack Mount
    Burly's award-winning Travoy trailer has become a fast favorite among commuters for its light weight and functionality. And in case a rear rack is one of your daily necessities, Burley offers the Travoy Rack Mount to provide yet another option for pulling your trusty trailer. As its name implies,...
  • Thule Chariot CX1 Stroller with Strolling Kit
    The Thule Chariot CX1 Stroller with Strolling Kit combines comfort, style, and tech with its aerodynamic design and adjustable suspension. The Strolling Kit makes this stroller perfect for walks through the park, and you can swap it out for other kits in order to accommodate different activities....
  • Thule Chariot CX2 Stroller with Strolling Kit
    Comfort, style, and tech make the Thule Chariot CX2 Stroller with Strolling Kit perfect for walks through the park. The Strolling Kit includes two swiveling wheels at the front for maximum maneuverability, and you can swap it out for other kits in order to accommodate different activities. This...
  • Weehoo iGo Venture Bike Trailer
    Bring both the grom and the grub with the iGo Venture Bike Trailer, a longer version of the company's famous iGo Pro, which boasts a cargo basket along with a child's seat, so you're able to bring all your precious cargo along. The Venture is otherwise extremely similar to the shorter Pro. It's...
  • Weehoo Alloy Hitch Kit
    If you switch between two bikes of have a spouse who takes turns pulling the little one, save time by installing the WeeHoo Alloy Hitch on your second bike. This kit is compatible with trailers newer than 2012 and makes moving the trailer from one bike to another a piece of cake. This means less...
  • Weehoo All Weather Canopy
    There's a reason why, before heading out for a spin, you saddle up the Weehoo IGo Trailer; otherwise, you'd have to leave one of your most important riding companions home. Make sure that your child rides protected from the sun or rain with the Weehoo All Weather Canopy, which turns inclement or...
  • Weehoo Turbo Bicycle Trailer For Kids
    Dragging the kids around in a clunky, uncomfortable bike trailer isn't going to win you future cycling fans, and when the little ones aren't happy, no one is. The founder of Weehoo wanted to hear fewer complaints and more of the gleeful expression the company is named after when he took his kids...
  • Weehoo WeeGo Buggy Bicycle Trailer and Jogger
    When you're out with your child in the Weehoo WeeGo Buggy Bicycle Trailer and Jogger, either riding around the lake or jogging through the park, passersby may be inclined to note your remarkable dedication as a parent. What they don't know is that, come race day, the extra weight and drag of the...
  • Weehoo iGo Blast Bike Trailer
    Designed to be as engaging as possible, the Weehoo iGo Blast Bike Trailer comfortably hauls your kid while alleviating boredom and mid-ride meltdowns. Its buckled strap and grippy handles secure your child as you pedal down cycling paths, backwoods trails, and city streets. The iGo Blast's...
  • Weehoo iGo Cargo Bike Trailer
    The Weehoo iGo Cargo Bike Trailer hauls up to 100 pounds, conveniently strapping cargo along its wooden platform with bungee net. Its solid wooden platform features 460 square inches of carrying capacity, easily strapping down a wide variety of tools, handy items, and gear when you're running...
  • Weehoo iGo Two Bike Trailer
    Maximizing fun with its front passenger pedals and open cockpit design, the Weehoo iGo Two Bike Trailer alleviates boredom and mid-ride meltdowns when you're cruising around town and exploring backwoods paths. It fits kids from two to nine years old and tows up to 80 pounds of total weight....
  • Weehoo iGo Kickstand
    The Weehoo iGo Kickstand provides a solid platform for propping up Weehoo iGo carriers, enabling easy kid and cargo loading. It securely attaches to all 2015 and newer iGo models, including the Blast, Turbo, Two, Venture, and Cargo. Adjustable legs accommodate different bike sizes.
  • Blackburn Local Top Deck Assembled Rack
    The uptick in disc-equipped adventure and commuter options has ushered in a new generation of racking systems like the Blackburn Local Top Deck Assembled Rack, which leaves ample room for beefy calipers and disc rotors while securely carrying your cargo. Its adjustable width easily accommodates a...
  • Evoc Tailgate Pad
    There are some complicated ways to load up a bunch of bikes on your truck, or there's the killer simplicity of the Evoc Tailgate Pad. This PU-coated tarpaulin pad attaches easily to your tailgate with simple straps, secures up to six bikes with hook-and-loop closures, and has padded spacers to...
  • RockyMounts SplitRail 2-Bike Hitch Rack
    If pressed, we'd have to admit that mounting our bikes onto a hitch rack like RockyMounts SplitRail 2-Bike Hitch Rack gives us a sense of security few other racks can match. Our feathery carbon race builds are pretty easy to lock down on just about anything, but our burly enduro beasts carry a...
  • Thule Gate Mate Tailgate Pad
    Thule's Gate Mate Tailgate Pad keeps your truck, along with your two-wheel investments, protected and pristine. Burly nylon straps secure the Gate Mate Pad to your truck, and its ultra-durable, heavy-duty vinyl and extra padding protect your prized possessions. Thule's Knock-Block design cushions...
  • Yakima Hold-Up Plus2 Add-On
    The Yakima Hold-Up Plus2 Add-On isn't a bike rack, but it does attach to your Yakima HoldUp 2 rack to turn it from a two-bike carrier to a four-bike hauler that works for the whole family (or your DH, enduro, XC, and dirt-jumping bikes). The Add-On bolts securely to your HoldUp2 with a straight...
  • Yakima BikerBar w/Locks
    Keep your bikes safe and secure in your truck bed with Yakima's new BikerBar w/Locks. The BikerBar's BedRock quick-release levers offer quick and convenient installation that doesn't require any tools or drilling. Yakima includes its SKS Lock Core package to secure your bikes to the rack and the...
  • CatEye Strada Smart Bike Computer Bundle
    During training, the more data you can gather the better. The Cateye Strada Smart Bike computer bundle gives you access to all the data that you need, then automatically sends it to your smart phone, where it syncs to display and record all your training data, even if your phone is in sleep mode....
  • CatEye Bluetooth Speed Cadence Sensor
    Use the CatEye Bluetooth Speed Cadence Sensor with either the Strada or Padrone Smart computers to make sure you're hitting your ideal cadence throughout your ride. Mount the sensor on either the top or the bottom of the chainstay and adjust the speed and cadence magnets on the wheels. Once you...
  • CatEye Bluetooth HR Sensor
    Cycling just isn't smart without heartrate monitoring, so CatEye built its Bluetooth HR Sensor to pair with BLE-enable cycling apps in order to pump out more training data while you're pumping out the watts.
  • CatEye Stealth Evo Plus Bike Computer
    You want a slim, lightweight computer, but you also want GPS functionality and full share capabilities' That's a tall order, but the CatEye Stealth Evo Plus Bike Computer fills it in style. The Stealth Evo sets up quickly and easily and uses GPS to calculate your position--it only takes a second....
  • CatEye Strada Slim Wireless Cycling Computer
    The fancy new smartphone- or GPS-based cycling computers are easy to love. They do things that old-school, Earth-based computers could never do, and they make translating your training data a snap. However, they all suffer from reliability issues, and they probably always will. It's tough to be...
  • CatEye Padrone
    Why burden yourself with an overly complicated cycling GPS if you're just looking to record speed and distance statistics' The CatEye Padrone offers an incredibly easy-to-use interface with straightforward data collection, measuring speed and distance metrics, as well as keeping track of the time...
  • CatEye Padrone Smart Computer
    CatEye's Padrone Smart Computer may have the easiest installation process of any cycling computer that we've come across. There are two steps: mount the head unit to your bar or stem and download the CatEye Cycling app with your iPhone or Android device. Done. There aren't any sensors or wires to...
  • CatEye Strada Digital Cadence Wireless Computer
    The CatEye Strada Digital Cadence Wireless Computer is designed to be a workhorse of a computer -simple, easy-to-use, with a long battery life. It'll do heart rate readings with the Strada heart rate monitor strap, sold separately, but it includes wireless sensors for speed and cadence. The head...
  • CatEye Padrone Smart Computer Triple Bundle
    There are applications when the simplicity of CatEye's plain ol' Padrone computer will suffice; however, if you're serious about progressing, then you'll want to establish an objective map of your output and efforts instead of just riding, training, and racing by subjective feel. CatEye's Padrone...
  • CycleOps Powertap SL 2.4 Speed/Cadence Sensor
    The CycleOps PowerTap 2. 4 Speed/Cadence Sensor can be used as a standalone speed sensor in case you're riding with your Cervo 2. 4 or Joule CPU, but not your PowerTap hub. Beneath the battery of this unit is a small switch that toggles between speed and cadence. By switching it to "speed", it...
  • ENVE Computer Mount
    The ENVE Computer Mount puts your computer or GPS where you want it -- out in front where you can quickly glance down at it. This mount works only with ENVE Road stems and Garmin Edge or Forerunner GPS units. The fit is tight and clean to keep your dashboard tidy and uncluttered, and it's...
  • Garmin Vented Helmet Strap
    Love your Garmin VIRB camera, and want to stick it on your head' If you've got the Garmin Vented Helmet Strap mount, getting a solid mount on your helmet will be a snap. Sure, you might look a little funny with an electronic box sticking out the top of your dome, but at least your footage will be...
  • Garmin Shoulder Harness Mount
    Love your Garmin VIRB camera, but stuck feeling like you want more mounting options' Well, with the Garmin Shoulder Harness Mount, you're able to get a solid mount, and a new perspective. By mounting the camera to your shoulder, you'll get a more realistic looking shot than if you mounted it on...
  • Garmin Small Tube Mount
    Sometimes, you need to mount your VIRB to something other than your handlebars if you're going to get the perfect angle. The Garmin Small Tube Mount accessory accommodates everything from ski poles to roll bars, so the action is always in frame. The mount features an adjustable ring that fits...
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