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  • PowerTap G3 Hub
    Shedding weight and size from previous generations, the PowerTap G3 Wireless Hub is lighter than ever, tipping the scales at a paltry 325 grams. Plus, its flange diameter has shrunk to 57 millimeters, making it feel just like a regular hub on the road. It also sports a low-key matte black finish...
  • DT Swiss 180 142mm Thru-Axle 11-Speed Road CenterLock Disc Rear Hub
    It's hard to see how you could improve upon the legendary 240 hubs from DT Swiss, but that's exactly what the 180s are: an upgrade. Lighter materials and a step up to ceramic bearings mean that a hub like the DT Swiss 180 11-Speed Road CenterLock Disc Rear Hub is a seriously refined piece of...
  • DT Swiss Star Ratchet Upgrade Kit
    If you're looking for quicker engagement on your pedal stroke, DT Swiss offers a Star Ratchet Upgrade Kit to make its stock 18t hubs more responsive. The kit comes with a set of two of DT's signature ratchet rings, along with a pot of the grease that the manufacturer recommends for installation....
  • DT Swiss 240S Freehub Body
    Change out your drivetrain and keep your favorite set of wheels with the DT Swiss 240S Freehub Body. Available in both Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo-spline versions, swapping out your freehub to match your new component group is a breeze -- no need to buy a new set of wheels.
  • DT Swiss 240S Mountain Bike Hub with Thru-Axle
    Compared to traditional quick releases, a 15mm thru-axle offers better suspension function and more precise steering -- all good things. And you can still take your wheel off in a snap. Combine this with the quality and lightweight features of the DT Swiss 240s hubs, and the DT Swiss 240s 15mm...
  • DT Swiss XD Driver
    SRAM's XX1 11-speed drivetrains are becoming more and more popular, and that means the need for corresponding components is increasing, too. DT Swiss is right there with SRAM, and its XD Driver is designed to make certain DT Swiss hubs compatible with XX1. Just swap out the freehub body, replace...
  • Easton XD Driver
    Drivetrains are constantly evolving. It can be tough to keep up with the options, and expensive to try to stay on top. The good folks at Easton feel your pain, and they know that you love your Easton wheels. That's why they made the Easton XD Driver--so you can keep your Eastons and keep up with...
  • ENVE Carbon Fiber Road Hub Set
    Few looming product releases have had the effect of inspiring as many drool-on-the-keyboard moments at the Competitive office as ENVE's Carbon Fiber Road Hub Set. Now the wait is over. According to ENVE, MTN-Qhubeka's underrated diesel Mr. Cummings was riding these hubs when he won stage 14 at...
  • HED XD Driver Body
    If you're running a SRAM one-by drivetrain but aren't ready to surrender your top speed gears, the HED XD Driver Body will convert your wheels to accommodate a 10t cog. After all, what good is the simplicity and lower weight of a one-by setup if your top speed is hampered' The XD Driver features...
  • Mavic 12 to 9mm Quick Release Axle Adapters
    Mavic's Crossmax and other mountain bike wheels are easily convertible to whatever hub configuration suits your fancy. The 12 to 9mm Axle Adapters take the 12mm shell and convert it to a standard 9mm quick release-compatible shell. With just a few tools, the adapters are easy to insert. They are...
  • Mavic Freehub Body
    Mavic makes swappable freehub bodies for most of their rear wheels so you're not permanently married to either SRAM/Shimano or Campy. You can start off with one body with its unique splines, and you can switch to the other fast. The bodies are known in Mavic-speak as FTS-L, or Force Transfer...
  • Industry Nine Front Enduro Hub Conversion Kit
    The Industry Nine Enduro front hub is their large diameter hub shell. It's bad, it's beautiful, and it can accommodate any front axle type known to man. We sell our Enduro wheels with a 20mm thru-axle, but for those of you wanting something different, the Industry Nine Enduro Front Hub Conversion...
  • DT Swiss 180 Rear Road Hub
    On paper, it would seem almost a pointless exercise to try to improve upon DT Swiss' 240 hubs, -- given their stellar quality, reputation, and the fact that you can find them on some of the finest bikes in the world -- but the company's engineers managed to do just that by creating the DT Swiss...
  • PowerTap G3C Hub
    Ceramic Speed bearings are said to be the lightest, smoothest, and most durable bearings on the market. When you read about pro teams replacing stock bearings with ceramics, Ceramic Speed is the company they rely on. These bearings are hybrid ceramic, with steel races and rounder-than-round...
  • PowerTap Front Hub
    Match your PowerTap G3 with the PowerTap Front Hub to give your bike a more finished look. Your bike will look better. You will feel happier. The world will be a better place. For years, PowerTap had a problem. Not only was its powermeter hiding underneath a rather bulky rear hub, but the hub...
  • PowerTap 15mm Alloy Freehub Body Kit
    Sad but true face: hubs, like every other part of your bike, wear out. You could replace the entire hub, or you could mail to Malaysia (or somewhere equally distant) for service, or you could fix it up with the PowerTap 15mm Allow Freehub Body Kit and be ready to ride again in minutes. Grease it...
  • PowerTap G3 MTB Disc Hub
    The Power Tap G3 MTB Disc hub finally allows mountain bikers to utilize power analysis during their singletrack rides. This beefier version of the road hub is specifically designed for the abuse that mountain bikers dish out, and built to be paired with a standard 160mm mountain bike disc brake...
  • Reynolds Freehub Body
    Convert your 2009 to 2014 Reynolds Attack, Assault, Strike, Storm, or DV3K wheels to 11-speed Campy or Shimano/SRAM drivetrain use with the Reynolds Freehub Body. This 9/10/11-speed freehub body comes with end caps to accommodate the 11-speed cassettes that are quickly becoming the new standard...
  • Shimano Dura-Ace HB-9000 Front Road Hub
    Whether you're after a featherweight low spoke count or a stalwart Clydesdale build, few front hubs offer the all-around value as Shimano's Dura-Ace HB-9000. The hubs roll on Shimano's precise, adjustable cup and cone bearings, which enjoy the advantages of being serviceable and spreading load...
  • Shimano Dura-Ace HB-9000 Rear 11-Speed Road Hub
    Despite the fact that it's one of the most crucial points of power transfer, the rear hub is often neglected in favor of a focus on bottom brackets and crankset bearings. The cup and cone bearings and labyrinth and contact seals of Shimano's Dura-Ace HB-9000 Rear 11-Speeed Road Hub make them even...
  • Shimano AX76 12x142mm Thru-Axle
    The AX76 12x142mm Thru-Axle is Shimano's skewer for the E-Thru Axle system built into kit like the superlative XTR hubs. If you're looking for a new 12mm skewer for your Shimano rig, we recommend not taking the risk of discovering previously unknown compatibility issues between brand X and the...
  • Stan's NoTubes 12x142 TA 3.30 Road Rear Hub Conversion Kit
    With the changing trends in frame design swapping out traditional rear spacing for the extra stiffness and stability of thru-axles, it would be easy to assume you have to give up on your favorite set of Stan's wheels when purchasing a new frame. Fear not though, the Stan's NoTubes 12x142 TA 3. 30...
  • Zipp 188 Freehub Body
    If you have a current set of Zipp wheels, they'll come with the new 188 rear hub. It's the one with the preload collar on the left side. Of course, they are available to fit Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo, but we don't think your initial choice of freehub body design should lock you into a component...
  • Chris King ISO Front Hub - 15mm - SD Hubshell
    Ever vigilant, Chris King Precision Components may not jump on every passing bandwagon, but they know a good thing when they see one. The Chris King ISO 15mm Front Hub with SD hubshell now brings legendary King performance to the 15mm thru-axle. The folks at Chris King spent most of the past year...
  • Chris King ISO XD -12x150mm Disc Hub
    Back in the '70s, a certain German auto manufacturer claimed to be able to build a sports car that would perform up to its standards and need no service whatsoever, except for gasoline and the occasional set of tires, for up to 1,000,000 miles. Why didn't they' Two reasons: The first was cost and...
  • Chris King ISO XD -12x157mm Disc Hub
    King is The King. You've heard it before, and you already know. That's why you're looking up Chris King hubs and why you're psyched that the engineers finally developed a freehub body specific to SRAM's 1x11 drivetrain family. The Chris King ISO XD 12x157mm Rear Hub is ready to be bolted to your...
  • Chris King ISO XD Driveshell
    The Chris King ISO XD Driveshell lets you run SRAM's beloved one-by-eleven drivetrains on your favorite hubset. As we've come to expect from our friends in Portland, plenty of time was taken to ensure that this driver was every bit as robust as the standard driver that it will be replacing. What...
  • Chris King ISO Disc Front Hub - 9mm QR
    Build a strong-as-hell front wheel without feeling like you're following a boat anchor down the trail. The Chris King ISO Disc Front Hub makes a great center to your new lightweight and bombproof front wheel. Precision-machined, stainless steel cartridge bearings spin fast and smoothly, so you do...
  • Chris King ISO Disc Rear Hub
    Chris King hubs have the industry standard for years. They are known for beautiful machining and seemingly endless durability. King hubs are also easy to maintain, disassemble, rebuild, convert, and customize, so a set of king hubs can actually last a lifetime. The Chris King ISO Disc Rear Hub...
  • Chris King R45 Road Hub - Front
    Build an ultra-fast race wheel around the super-light and incomparably smooth Chris King R45 Road Hub. These racing-specific hubs offer a 20-percent reduction in weight over the already light Classic Hubs and come in a variety of spoke drillings to accommodate your wildest wheel-building dreams....
  • Chris King R45 Road Hub - Rear
    The Chris King R45 is a road version of King's famous hubs. Since lightning-fast engagement isn't quite as crucial on the road as it is when you're ratcheting over obstacles on the trail, King cut the points of engagement from 72 to 45. Those 45 points of engagement, however, are still far more...
  • Chris King Thru-Axle ISO Boost Front 15x110mm Disc Hub
    When you're looking for the perfect wheel build to match that shiny new boost fork, look no further than the Chris King Thru-Axle ISO Boost Front 15x110mm Disc Hub. Long known as a versatile hub built to tackle a wide range of terrain, the Boost ISO features a symmetrical shell shape and...
  • Chris King Thru-Axle ISO Boost Rear 12x148mm Disc Hub
    With the shifting trends toward wider tires and boost axle widths, Chris King is now offering its venerable ISO hub in 12x148mm spacing. The Chris King Thru-Axle ISO Boost Rear 12x148mm Disc Hub features a slightly tweaked shell shape compared to its narrower siblings and thickened flanges for...
  • Chris King Thru Axle ISO XD Boost Rear 12x148mm Disc Hub
    The Chris King Thru Axle ISO XD Boost Rear 12x148mm Disc Hub brings Boost axle width compatibility to your favorite SRAM XD cassette and shiny new, Boost-equipped whip. Compared to its narrower siblings, the Boost ISO features a slightly tweaked shell shape and thickened flanges for increased...
  • Chris King Hub Service Tool Kit - R45 Road
    Tear apart your Chris King R45 hubs for some deep maintenance with the King Hub Service Tool Kit, designed specifically for the R45 hubs. While not required for routine maintenance, the Tool Kit will allow you to completely disassemble and reassemble your hubs. Kit includes the driveshell bushing...
  • Chris King ISO XD -12x142mm Disc Hub
    We could use this intro paragraph to rave on about the all-around amazingness of basically anything and everything Chris King makes, but since you're already doing yourself the favor of looking up his hubs, we can probably spare you the rant. What you can't spare, however, is the Chris King ISO...
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