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  • Jagwire Pro Teflon Derailleur Cable
    Still running the cables and housing that came on your bike, even after a couple seasons of abuse' Time to upgrade to the Jagwire Pro Teflon Derailleur Cable to get those fancy components working the way they should. With a slick Teflon coating, this is the top shift cable in Jagwire's impressive...
  • Yokozuna Reaction Universal Cable Kit
    Yokozuna knows something that you don't. The housing and cables from your component manufacturer that you lovingly cut and installed to carefully ensure that the branding is facing out are actually holding your shifting and braking back. The Jet Lubed cables and stylish Reaction housing of...
  • Shimano E-Tube Di2 System Check and Programmer SM-PCE1
    The Shimano E-Tube Di2 System Check and Programmer gives you the ability to precisely program the shifting of your Shimano Di2 drivetrain. Simply download Shimano's E-Tube software, plug in the E-Tube Di2 System Check and Programmer to your computer and Di2 drivetrain, and install the USB driver....
  • Shimano PTFE Coated Derailleur Cable
    Shifting inevitably wears on your cables, leading to slow and sloppy performance and making you curse the day that you didn't go electronic. The proper choice in shift cable is as vital to your Shimano shifter investment as keeping the chain clean and the rear derailleur tuned;...
  • Shimano PTFE Shift Cable & Housing
    Derailleur cables and housing rank among the least sexy parts on a bike. Maybe the seat clamp is lower. Maybe. Few think of their cables. And that could be a problem. When your Shimano 7900 Dura-Ace levers seem to move the derailleurs at a glacial pace, it could very well be the derailleur cables...
  • Shimano PTFE Brake Cable & Housing
    This Dura-Ace brake cable and housing kit is identical to what comes with a set of Shimano Dura-Ace 10-speed STI levers, and it's an elemental reason why Shimano Dura-Ace brake calipers feel so amazingly crisp. This is a complete set of Dura-Ace brake cables and and housings, with the appropriate...
  • Shimano Dura-Ace OT-SP41 Polymer-Coated Derailleur Cable
    Slow shifting is a bummer, and there are lots of reasons for it, but if you've eliminated derailleur problems, cassette issues, and general grime as the culprits, it might be time to replace your shift cables and housing with Shimano's Dura-Ace OT-SP41 Polymer-Coated Derailleur Cable. The housing...
  • Jagwire Road Elite Sealed Brake Cable Kit
    Seal your brake lines against the elements with the Jagwire Road Elite Sealed Brake Cable Kit. Available in a range of color options to match your steed, this cable and housing kit utilizes a continuous liner to reduce brake cable friction and protect cables from rain and road gunk. The housing...
  • Jagwire Pro Teflon Brake Cable
    When we grab the brakes, we usually have a pretty damn good reason for doing so, so we expect (or hope, depending on the exigency of the situation) them to engage almost instantaneously. If the brake pads are serviceable and we haven't forgotten to close the caliper after reinstalling our wheels,...
  • Campagnolo Record 11 Cable Kit
    The Campagnolo Record 11 Cable Kit is an essential part of your new Campy 11-speed system. Campy's new Record 11 Cable Kit features lubricated stainless steel inner wires and friction-resistant housing for effortless shifting. The 11-speed cables and housing are designed to interface solely with...
  • Jagwire Road Elite Link Brake Cable Kit
    We're used to seeing Jagwire's brightly colored cable housing adorning bicycles across all levels of cycling because of the brand's reputation for a high-quality combination of cables and housing for smooth shifting and confident braking. The new Jagwire Road Elite Link Brake Cable Kit expands on...
  • Jagwire Road Elite Link Shift Cable Kit
    Instead of the usual wire/rubber cocktail that most cable housing uses, Jagwire's Road Elite Link Shift Cable Kit girds its Teflon-coated cables with an exoskeleton of alloy links. The benefits are impressive, especially considering how counter-intuitive this construction seems at first blush....
  • Jagwire Mountain Elite Link Shift Cable Kit
    In a sea of knobby-tired rigs, the Jagwire Mountain Elite Link Shift Cable Kit lets your whip stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching aluminum link design that delivers impeccable shifting for confident gear changes. Jagwire has long been known for producing high-quality cables and housing,...
  • Jagwire Road Elite Sealed Shift Cable Kit
    Maybe you descend like a maniac and never use the brakes. Maybe you live on Antarctica and so don't have to deal with hills or stoplights. Whatever the case, if your baking is still pristine but your shifting is getting muddy, you can replace just the latter with Jagwire's Road Elite Sealed Shift...
  • Jagwire Mountain Elite Sealed Shift Cable Kit
    A well-bled hydraulic brake system is a beautiful thing. So don't mess with it. Instead, tighten up your shifting with the well-lubricated housing and polymer-coated cables of Jagwire's Mountain Elite Sealed Shift Cable Kit.
  • Jagwire Road Pro Complete Shift and Brake Cable Kit
    Cables are probably the least-appreciated part of your setup, but they're more important than most of us realize. A smooth, strong, and reliable cable makes shifting extra crisp and braking that much more powerful, so adding something like the Jagwire Road Pro Complete Shift and Brake Cable Kit...
  • Jagwire Mountain Pro Shift Cable Kit
    Personalize your favorite trail, cross-country, or downhill rig with the vibrant colors and crisp-shifting performance of the Jagwire Mountain Pro Shift Cable Kit. This derailleur kit works with both SRAM and Shimano front and rear derailleurs, ensuring compatibility with your current drivetrain...
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