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  • Brooks England Swift Saddle - Men's
    Brooks England drew its inspiration for the Men's Swift Saddle from its 1890 catalog. This vintage-looking leather bike saddle features firm, high-quality leather that breaks in to fit your bum like leather boots form to fit your feet--say goodbye to having a sore backside. Also, leather is...
  • Brooks England B15 Swallow Saddle
    The classic leather Brooks B15 Swallow Saddle spiffs up any bicycle on the road. This narrow saddle is part of the Brooks Unique range, which features models with specific frame construction and different workmanship needs--meaning you'll be the only cyclist on the street with this saddle. This...
  • Brooks England B17 Narrow Saddle
    If practice makes perfect, then the 101 years of design experience that have gone into the Brooks Heritage B17 Narrow Saddle should make it pretty darn near perfect. A variation of the classic B17, this saddle fits well with thoroughbred racing cycles thanks to a narrow profile that offers...
  • Brooks England B17 Imperial Saddle - Men's
    The Brooks England B17 Imperial Saddle brings vintage styling to any bicycle. With classic leather, metal rivets, and Brooks nameplate, this saddle harkens back to a more civilized time of tweed jackets and corduroy elbow patches. The comfort on this saddle jumps forward to current times with a...
  • Brooks England Team Pro Classic Saddle - Men's
    The Brooks Team Pro Classic Saddle is a simpler, more modern version of the Team Professional, which Brooks has been making for over half a century. The Team Pro Classic features modern tubular steel rivets instead of the large hand-hammered copper rivets made famous by the original Brooks...
  • Brooks England Flyer Special Saddle - Men's
    The Brooks Heritage Flyer Special Saddle combines the styling of the B17 with the suspension of two large steel springs for a clean retro look and added comfort.
  • Brooks England C17 Cambium Saddle - Men's
    The Brooks C17 Cambium Saddles are a massive, tectonic-plate-shifting departure from the venerable saddle maker. Why' Because they're not leather. Brooks made its name over the last century making the best leather saddles on the planet. Even as other saddle makers adopted microfibers, foams, gels...
  • Brooks England Cambium Saddle - Women's
    Brooks may be best known for its line of leather saddles, but the British saddle wizards have outdone themselves with the Cambium Women's Saddle. Forgoing the leather hammock construction that made the brand iconic, the Cambium opts instead for a natural rubber base, topped with an organic cotton...
  • Brooks England C15 Cambium
    The Brooks C15 Cambium saddle shares the same timeless design of natural rubber and woven material that sets Brooks apart from the crowd of jet black saddles with no personality. Compared to the original Brooks C17, the C15 saddle is 10 grams lighter and 22 millimeters narrower. This makes it...
  • Brooks England C15 Cambium Carved Saddle
    Brooks designers made a notable departure from their signature leather saddles when they introduced their Cambium line, and the positive feedback they received from the vegan-friendly saddles was enough to expand the line to include the C15 Cambium Carved. Addressing the perineal discomfort often...
  • Brooks England C13 Cambium Saddle
    The classic Brooks England aesthetic of leather and rivets is steeped in a history synonymous with vintage steel steeds and tweed-adorned cycling festivities. In a departure from the traditional leather, the Cambium line of saddles pairs those venerable aesthetics and renowned comfort with a more...
  • Brooks England B17 Special Saddle
    Treat your badonkadonk to the posterior-pleasing handcrafted Brooks B17 Special Saddle. With more history than the Smithsonian has packed into every hand-hammered copper rivet, the B17 Special Saddle's not only easy on the eyes, it quickly molds itself into the ultimate bum-supporting saddle for...
  • Brooks England B72 Saddle
    If your current saddle isn't providing you with the amount of cush you'd like, mount the Brooks B72 Saddle and head out for a long, comfortable ride. The B72's unique loop springs have remained virtually unchanged since 1935, and it's easy to see why -it works.
  • Brooks England C19 Cambium Saddle
    The Brooks England leather hammock design and accompanying rivets are synonymous with classic cycling, living on through tweed rides and race rigs alike. The Cambium line carries on Brooks' storied tradition, classic aesthetics, and renowned comfort while swapping out the leather for a more...
  • Brooks England B33 Saddle
    Spring into your morning commute by riding astride the Brooks Heritage B33 Saddle. Loaded with rear coil springs and a front loop, this leather-covered saddle brings comfort and utility to your city cycle. Brooks built it burly, so larger commuters can rest easy as they pedal their way through...
  • Brooks England B17 Standard Saddle - Men's
    Urban cycling (like cycling in general, to be fair) is all about blending form with function, and nobody does that better than Brooks England. Its B17 Standard Men's Saddle is the epitome of this design philosophy, and Brooks has been making it for over 100 years, so it's not surprising that the...
  • Brooks England Flyer Saddle - Men's
    Add vintage flair to your new touring bike with the Brooks Heritage Saddles Men's Flyer Saddle. The two springs absorb road and trail vibration the old-school way to reduce fatigue after hours in the saddle. The leather cover is comfortable and durable. Aside from its performance advantages, the...
  • Brooks England Flyer S Saddle - Women's
    The classic design of the Flyer S Saddle from Brooks Heritage Saddles features two rear springs that provide a smooth ride for long-distance touring on your bicycle. With the same fine leather found on the B17 Brooks models, the Flyer S will confirm to your bottom for years of cycling comfort...
  • Brooks England B67 Saddle - Men's
    There's nothing quite like a sprung leather saddle to top off a nice touring, randonneuring, or commuter build. The Brooks B67 Saddle utilizes time-tested technologies to give you an incredibly comfortable, forgiving ride. Tensioned leather, classically-designed steel springs, and durable brass...
  • Brooks England Flyer Aged Saddle - Men's
    The Brooks Flyer Aged Saddle gives you that legendary Brooks comfort straight out of the box, without the break-in period. Naturally, it still has the long-wearing durability you'd expect from everyone's favorite British saddle maker. And with the steel springs, you'll be staying smooth, even on...
  • Brooks England B67 S Aged Saddle - Women's
    The Brooks B67S Aged Saddle offers out-of-the-box comfort for your city riding needs. Due to its leather construction, it still has the long-wearing durability you'd expect from Brooks. And thanks to its steel springs, it offers considerably more comfort than other saddles designed for upright...
  • Brooks England B15 Swallow Titanium Saddle
    Top your two-wheeled masterpiece off with a worthy saddle: the Brooks B15 Swallow Ti Saddle. A malleable leather cover quickly molds itself into a perfect reproduction of posterior curves--much better than an office copy machine, and much more supple. Touched by expert English craftsmen, the B15...
  • Ergon SME3 Pro Saddle
    The basic shapes of saddles tend to stay remarkably consistent, but that doesn't mean they can't be improved. Rather than relying on tradition, Ergon designed the SME3 Pro Saddle by computer mapping a whole lot of butts, basically, so it could optimize the shape of the of the saddle to provide...
  • Ergon SME3 Pro Carbon Saddle
    Ergon's SME3 Pro Carbon Saddle strikes the balance between a saddle stiff enough to not rob you of precious power, and a saddle that provides enough comfort that you can continue to ride. The shell of the SME3 is constructed from carbon fiber with pockets molded in where your sit bones will hit....
  • Ergon SRX3 Pro Saddle
    Ergon stepped into the saddle world by first developing the SM range of thrones specifically for mountain biking. The saddles were fantastic, and the company's rapidly-earned following asked for a range of road and 'cross saddles, too, so the SR series was born. The Ergon SRX3 Pro Saddle swaps...
  • Ergon SMC3 Saddle
    Racing saddles certainly have their place on the trails, but harsh, weight-reducing designs need not make an appearance on all-day weekend rides spent exploring rolling ribbons of singletrack and hairpin turns through the trees. Whether you're looking for a saddle for your easy days or an...
  • Ergon SMC3 Comp Saddle
    In contrast to its race-oriented SMR3 line, Ergon developed its SMC mountain saddles for riders who don't want to spend every trail ride on an unforgiving carbon shelf but who don't want to ride the equivalent of a throw pillow on a stick. The SMC3 Comp Saddle's titanium rails place it in the...
  • Ergon SMC3 Pro Saddle
    Comparing a comfortable, touring saddle and a light, stiff race saddle doesn't have to resemble putting a pillow and a brick side by side. It can, but manufacturers like Ergon have managed to construct saddles that focus on comfort without sacrificing a race-able weight by using effective...
  • Ergon SRX3 Saddle
    Ergon sets its SRX3 line of saddles apart from traditional road saddle designs with a pronounced V-shape, giving road cyclists and cyclocross racers more opportunity to shift on the saddle as they move through different pedaling postures. The SRX3 Saddle occupies the entry-level space in that...
  • Ergon SMC4 Saddle
    When ride plans include meandering singletrack and sweeping, pine-needle filled turns through the trees, you want a saddle designed to keep you comfortable when you opt for an extra loop or three. The Ergon SMC4 Saddle's primary goal is to keep you comfortable so you're able to spin all day...
  • Ergon SMC4 Comp Gel Saddle
    Head out for a day-long excursion of sweeping singletrack and shaded switchbacks on the Ergon SMC4 Comp Gel Saddle. It features the same foam padding and extra gel inserts as its SMC4 Sport Gel sibling, but loses a bit of weight without sacrificing long mile comfort. Ergon swaps out the CroMo...
  • Ergon SMC4 Sport Gel Saddle
    When your local trails feature miles and miles of bone-jarring rocks and washboard root sections, a saddle with a little more padding might be right up your alley. The Ergon SMC4 Sport Gel Saddle features the same foam padding and general shape as Ergon's comfort-minded SMC4 saddle with the...
  • Ergon SR3 Pro Saddle
    Like the range-topping road saddle from Ergon, the SR3 Pro Saddle shares the attention-to-detail expected from this German company. This means that you'll find the same respected shape, in three separate widths, as the Pro Carbon in order to ensure the long-ride support that's only achievable...
  • Fabric Scoop Ultimate Saddle
    The Fabric Scoop Ultimate saddle uses top-shelf materials and a simple design to keep things light and comfortable. The Scoop saddle comes in four varieties: Elite, Race, Pro, and Ultimate. The Scoop Ultimate starts with carbon fiber rails and a carbon fiber base. Fabric says its Scoop Saddle is...
  • Fabric Scoop Pro Saddle
    The Fabric Scoop Pro saddle is simple. It's lightweight and it's tough. The Scoop comes in four varieties: Elite, Race, Pro, and Ultimate. The Scoop Pro starts with carbon fiber rails and a nylon base. Fabric says its Scoop Saddle is "designed for everyone," and that's exactly what it is. Like...
  • Fabric Alm Ultimate Saddle
    One look at the Fabric ALM Ultimate Saddle and you'll know it's unlike any saddle you've ever tried. ALM stands for Additive Layer Manufacturing -- the prototype was developed using 3D printing. This technique allowed Fabric to create a saddle that would have previously been impossible to...
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