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  • Clement LAS Tire - Clincher
    Like CrossVegas, the Clement LAS Tire is all about flat-out speed. The diamond-file tread at the tire's center offers extremely low rolling resistance. As you move toward the side of the tire, you'll notice that the lugs grow larger to give the tire grip in corners. The tread is molded from 60...
  • Clement LAS Tire - Tubular
    The fact that the folks at Clement named the LAS Tire - Tubular after the airport code for the location of their favorite stateside 'cross race (Las Vegas) should tell you two things about its development. First, it's made by people with a real passion for the sport. Second, its design is...
  • Clement MXP Tire - Clincher
    The MXP is Clement's new do-everything cross tire. The tire's center lugs are designed to roll fast but still offer brake and acceleration grip. The larger, more aggressive side lugs, which were inspired by soccer cleats, dig in for hard cornering. It isn't the absolute best tire you can buy for...
  • Clement MXP Tire - Tubular
    In the market for some new tubulars for your 'cross rig' Sure, the Clement name isn't as widely circulated as some of the bigger rubber brands, but in Europe, its reputation was long-ago solidified as a procurer of some of the finest tires available. Makes sense, then, that the very Euro sport of...
  • Clement X'Plor MSO 60 TPI Tire - Clincher
    Whether you dream of gravel rides in the shadows of the Sapphires or you're lucky enough to call the trails of Missoula's Rattlesnake Recreation Area home, Clement's X'Plor MSO Clincher tire was made for the combination of gravel and road riding that the area is known for -- a point driven home...
  • Clement X'Plor USH 60 TPI Tire - Clincher
    The wordsmiths at Clement didn't include an apostrophe in the X'Plor USH 60 TPI Clincher Tire just to add a little zing to the title. Instead, the apostrophe's role as indicating an omission is a perfect grammatical metaphor for what we mean when use the phrase "gravel grinding." Instead of just...
  • Clement X'Plor USH 120 TPI Tire - Clincher
    The 60 TPI version of Clement's X'Plor USH 120 TPI Clincher Tire is more than capable of slugging it out with gravel, washboard, fire roads, and poorly maintained tarmac; however, the added suppleness of the 120 TPI option makes those all-surface adventures feel less like a body-bruising title...
  • Clement Strada LGG 120 TPI Tire - Clincher
    When we first heard the claim that the Strada LGG 120 TPI Tire was designed with inspiration from the Criterium Seta, we were skeptical. But this claim comes straight from Clement itself, who continues to be the sexiest name in industrially produced tires, so we were willing to give it some...
  • Clement X'Plor MSO Tire - Tubeless
    When you're saddling up for a Wild West cycling adventure, you never know what kind of road conditions (or lack thereof) you'll run into. So you want a tire that's built to handle almost anything, like the Clement X'Plor MSO Tubeless Tire. Named after the airport code of Missoula, MT, this tire...
  • Clement PDX Tire - Clincher
    Clement's PDX Clincher Tire has one of the most demanding job descriptions in cyclocrossery: Must love mud without sacrificing speed while maintaining a gap on hardpack. Fortunately, it's also got the perfect resume for meeting those requirements. Since it's a clincher, this PDX loses the ride...
  • Clement Strada LGG 60tpi Tire
    Though the cycling industry is prone to radical self-reinvention every few years, one thing remains a welcome constant: the supple ride quality of Clement tires. The Strada LGG 60 TPI Clincher Tire lives up to that reputation, albeit with a lower TPI than its more expensive LGG 120 counterpart....
  • Clement FRJ 60 TPI Tire - 29in
    The Clement FRJ 60 TPI 29in Tire gives cross-country riders maximum speed, without sacrificing grip when you're climbing and cornering. Wide-spaced knobs roll across the straights with speed, but maintain just enough bite to conquer tricky root and rock sections. The high-volume casing and soft...
  • Clement FRJ 120TPI Tire - 29in
    Designed for cross country racing on technical courses, the Clements FRJ 120TPI 29in Tire offers a smooth, supple feel with low rolling resistance and plenty of traction for cornering and climbing. This particular version features a 120 TPI casing, making it lighter and more supple than Clement's...
  • Clement PDX Tire - Tubeless
    The recent news that Clement's clinchers are now all tubeless-ready sparked a bevy of positive feedback for the French brand, which had formerly only offered tubular and clincher versions of its popular tires. Now, you can run the Clement PDX Tubeless Tire as a regular clincher or tubeless; as...
  • Clement MXP Tire - Tubeless
    Clement may find itself a relatively unfamiliar name for younger American riders unaware of the French boutique firm's glory days in the middle of the last century. After a few disappointing years of dormancy, new ownership and a strong lineup of 'cross tires have brought Clement some deserved...
  • Clement BOS Tire - Tubeless
    BOS Tire - Tubeless
  • Challenge Strada Tubular Tire
    There's no denying that experiencing a great tubular tire is a wonderful experience. You won't believe that your bike could be so smooth and fast. So if you're going to make the switch to tubulars, do yourself a favor and wrap some Challenge Strada Tubular Tires around your hoops, because...
  • Challenge Strada Bianca Tire - Clincher
    The Challenge Strada Bianca Clincher tire is designed for bumpy, rough roads. Not only is it one of the toughest tires in Challenge's lineup, it's also one of the smoothest-riding, which, for a manufacturer that's known for its smooth-riding tires, is saying a lot. The Strada Bianca's casing is...
  • Challenge Grifo 33 Cross Tire - Tubular
    If its multiple-world-championship-winning tread pattern doesn't grab your attention, then the incredibly smooth and tough 300tpi casing should do the trick, right' Or the classic tan sidewall' Or the legendary durability' If none of these things convinces you that the Challenge Grifo 33 Tubular...
  • Challenge Gravel Grinder Plus Tire - Clincher
    Enjoy the pleasure of pedaling along scenic back roads and less-traveled paths when your bike is rolling on the Challenge Gravel Grinder Plus Clincher Tire. This 38mm tire stays true to Challenge's handcrafted heritage, delivering a smooth, supple ride across rough pavement, bumpy back roads, and...
  • Challenge Paris Roubaix Tire - Clincher
    Although the sturdy aluminum box-sectioned wheels that were once synonymous with the Spring Classics have become nearly extinct in the age of composites, we still see riders opting for reliable, wide tires when the roads get rough. It's no secret why these bigger tires are the preferred choice...
  • Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season Tire - Tubeless
    We all dream of race-day conditions involving sun, a subtle breeze, and smooth, unblemished ribbons of road stretching out in front of us. In reality, sun and a light breeze might happen, but road conditions are rarely, if ever, ideal. Rather than pining for the tarmac of your dreams, wrapping...
  • Hutchinson Fusion 5 Galactik Tire - Tubeless
    When updating its Fusion 3 tire lineup for 2016, the French rubber masters over at Hutchinson chose to skip straight past four and instead christen their new line Fusion 5. Rather than a bold statement in post-modernist self-reflexivity, the move is actually in reference to the five...
  • Mavic Crossmax Roam XL Tire - 29
    The Crossmax Roam XL 29-inch Tire is what happens when one of the foremost wheel makers in the world decides to get into the tire game. Mavic recognized an opportunity to improve upon what's out there in the all-mountain tire game, and they've offered up a fine entry of their own. When compared...
  • Mavic Yksion Pro Powerlink Tire - Tubular
    Mavic's Yksion Pro Powerlink Tubular Tire was designed to be used with your Cosmic Carbone hoops, and if you've used them before, you know that the two play very well together. Working as part of an integrated wheel-tire system, the Yksion Pro Powerlink is the rear-specific tire of the GripLink...
  • Mavic Yksion Pro Griplink Tire - Clincher
    The Yksion Pro Griplink Clincher Tire occupies the center ground in Mavic's clincher hierarchy but still manages to take the standard Yksion model to new lows -- in grams, that is. While the baseline Yksion weighs a claimed 205g, the Yksion Pro tips the scales at a paltry claimed weight of just...
  • Mavic Yksion Pro Powerlink Tire - Clincher
    The Yksion Pro Powerlink Clincher Tire joins its front-specific counterpart, the Yksion Pro Griplink, in the center of Mavic's clincher hierarchy. It's also got the same low weight, a claimed 190g for the 23mm size, which is lighter than the base model Yksion and the top-end CXR-specific tires...
  • Mavic Yksion Elite Guard Tire - Clincher
    Mavic's Yksion Elite Guard Tires use the standard Elites as a foundation and adds an additional layer to the casing under the rolling patch in order to increase puncture resistance. The extra protection comes with a claimed 15g penalty, but that added rotational mass a small price to pay for...
  • Mavic Crossmax Quest Tire - 29in
    While plus-size tires are making waves on the enduro circuit, the speed enthusiast in us still appreciates the value of a tire in the smaller (but still plush) 2. 3in range. The 29in Crossmax Quest Tire fits that bill, mating Mavic's new hard-wearing, all-weather X-mix Quest compound with a...
  • Mavic Crossmax Quest Tire - 27.5in
    Whether your frame doesn't have the clearance or you're not a fan of how they dilute trail feel, we understand if you're not jazzed on the new plus tire radness. The 27. 5in Crossmax Quest Tire fits that bill, mating Mavic's new hard-wearing, all-weather X-mix Quest compound with a tubeless...
  • Mavic Crossmax Charge XL Tire - 29in
    All-mountain riding should be exactly that: all of the terrain on a given mountain. Mavic's front-specific Crossmax Charge XL 29in Tire is built towards that end, combining a soft compound with a durometer of 40 with a low-weight, high-strength, two-ply casing for a tire that holds onto slick...
  • Mavic Crossmax Quest XL Tire - 29in
    The key differences between Mavic's all-mountain Crossmax Quest XL 29in Tire and its XC-specific, non-XL counterpart are the former's improved puncture resistance and grippier rubber compounds. Though it's built for rides leaning more toward trail, the Crossmax Quest XL does feature an additional...
  • Michelin Cyclocross Mud 2 Tire - Clincher
    Just watching any cross race taking place in rain and cold churns in us the urge to join in on the mess. The Michelin Cyclocross Mud 2 Tire provides us proper traction to do just that. The tire is offered in 700x30, and has a beefier tread pattern than the other tires. More aggressive tread...
  • Michelin Pro4 Endurance Tire - Clincher
    Long miles and winter training rides call for a tire that won't give up the ghost at the first sight of road debris. The Michelin Pro4 Endurance Clincher Tire steps in to provide exceptional flat protection and durability to power long endurance road races or tackle all those off-season base...
  • Michelin Cyclocross Jet S Tire - Clincher
    With the flood of cyclocross tires bursting onto the market over the past few years, it's easy to get overwhelmed with options in the search for that perfect race model. When the going gets dusty and hard packed, look no further than the Michelin Cyclocross Jet S Clincher Tire. Long known as a...
  • Michelin Wild Race'r Ultimate Advanced Tire - 29in
    The Michelin Wild Race'r Ultimate Advanced 29in Tire boasts a rare combination of fast rolling efficiency and aggressive traction. This unlikely combination owes its existence to intelligent knob construction and Michelin's GUM-X series compound, which work together to offer the perfect balance...
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