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  • DT Swiss Aluminum Mountain Freehub Body
    If you're running a DT Swiss 240, 350, or 440 rear hub, and you damage your 9/10-speed freehub body, or simply want to swap from a SRAM XD (1x11) drivetrain to a 2x or 3x 9/10-speed one, you'll want this, the DT Swiss Aluminum Mountain Freehub Body. Compatible with all non-XD Shimano and SRAM...
  • DT Swiss 240S Conversion End Caps
    DT Swiss wouldn't leave you without the option of adapting your beloved 240 hubs to different retention systems, and its 240S Conversion End Caps are proof of that. Convert your quick-release road disc wheels to thru axle-ready for a stiffer, more dependable disc setup.
  • DT Swiss Torque Cap End Caps
    The DT Swiss Torque Cap End Cap is a simple little item that nets surprising gains when paired with compatible hubs and forks. The full system involves a more robust fork/hub interface that hinges on the Torque Caps' increased contact area with the fork. This makes for a stiffer front end that...
  • DT Swiss XR 1501 Spline 29in Wheel
    Lighter than its XM counterpart, DT Swiss' XR 1501 Spline 29in Wheel is intended for traditional crosscountry riding and racing. It favors weight savings, but without sacrificing too much in the strength department. In fact, the XR 1501's rims share the same Strength Boost Welding Technology as...
  • Easton R4 Cassette Body
    The Easton R4 Cassette Body allows you to use any Easton R4 or R4 SL-equipped rear wheel with Shimano and SRAM 11-speed road drivetrains. The Easton R4 Freehub Body runs on high quality 6902 steel bearings and has three spring-loaded pawls. The R4 Cassette Body is compatible with all R4 and R4 SL...
  • ENVE Smart System 3.4 Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
    If you're a racer on a budget, the one place you shouldn't skimp is on the rolling stock. Top quality wheels make a huge and noticeable difference in performance and ride quality. And if you are looking for a top flight pair of tubular racing wheels, then consider the Smart Enve System 3. 4...
  • ENVE Smart System 3.4 Disc Wheelset - Clincher
    You've been exposed to ENVE fever everywhere lately, first from the glossies, then your ride crew, and now the guy who beat you racing last week. Face facts: it's about time you give your racing bike a set of hoops that can match its energy. The Clincher version of the ENVE Smart System 3. 4 Disc...
  • ENVE M50 Fifty 29in Wheelset
    Carbon wheels make a lot of sense on 29ers --the larger-diameter rim is inherently less stiff than its 26 or 27'5in counterparts, and the extra stiffness of a carbon rim contributes massively to the overall stiffness of the wheel. ENVE's M50s, a more trail-friendly version of the long-running XC...
  • ENVE M60 Forty 29in Wheelset
    ENVE doesn't just jump into new designs. This is well-evidenced by the six years it took to develop the profile of the M60 Forty 29in wheels. To begin with, ENVE left behind the traditional bead hooks for a beadles hook bead. This design is not only lighter, but it just happens to be more impact...
  • ENVE M70 Thirty 27.5in Wheelset
    The ENVE M70 Thirty 27. 5in Wheelset is hand-built for riders who love to charge down the mountain and pedal back up for more. Learning from its World Cup DH program, ENVE built a rim that was stronger than its AM rim and capable of taking a bigger beating without batting an eye. These 27. 5in...
  • ENVE M50/Fifty 29in Chris King Wheelset
    In chasing the growing market around 27. 5-inch wheels, bike companies have been singing us all sorts of songs lately, but the simple truth is that, where speed and traction are concerned, bigger is better. The lower approach and departure angles and increased contact patch of 29-inch wheels are...
  • ENVE SES 2.2 Wheelset - Tubular
    If you paid attention to the Tour this year, then you were undoubtedly struck by the underdog success and tenacity of the MTN-Qhubeka p/b Samsung Team, which made history once as the first African-registered team at the Grande Boucle and again with the first African rider to wear the polka dot...
  • ENVE M60 Forty HV 27.5in Wheelset
    It can be hard to keep up with the constant evolutions of tech in the mountain bike industry. Axles, bottom brackets, geometries -- even we are occasionally overwhelmed and jaded by all the new standards. There are two innovations that we think are definitely worth riding, though, and the ENVE...
  • ENVE M60 Forty HV 29in Wheelset
    29ers have evolved. The ever-changing worlds of suspension design and frame geometries have given wagon wheel bikes the ability to go far beyond their original XC-only stereotype. That added versatility is begging for a wheel platform that increases plushness, responsiveness, and confidence...
  • ENVE M60 Forty HV 29in Chris King Wheelset
    Few names carry as much weight in the court of off-road wheels as Chris King and ENVE, and the M60 Forty HV 29in Chris King Wheelset brings both of these royal lineages to Trail Bike Castle. The M60 Forty HV's rim is wider than the standard model's, bulking out from 23 to 26mm of internal width...
  • ENVE 1.45 Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
    Every gram that you don't have to push along the road is time added and energy saved (that's why you shaved your legs and didn't drink any beer for 24 hours, right'), but lightening up your wheelset is probably the most efficient way to get a big performance boost by shaving a few grams....
  • ENVE 1.65 Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
    Some use it for cyclocross, others for time trials, but regardless, one thing can be said for certain -- the ENVE 1. 65 Wheelset is insanely fast. In fact, the 1. 65 is the ultralight iteration of what was already referred to as 'the founder's favorite.' So, at an even lighter, feathery 1258...
  • ENVE SES 2.2 Wheelset - Clincher
    ENVE's SES 2. 2 Clincher Wheelset had quite a high profile debut at this year's Tour. Just ask MTN-Qhubeka's Teklehaimanot, who became the first black African to start the Tour and, in his debut at the race, spent a handful of stages resplendent in the polka-dot jersey. ENVE built these...
  • ENVE M70 Thirty HV 27.5in Wheelset
    The HV in ENVE's M70 Thirty HV 27. 5in Wheelset designates "high volume," and with a 31mm internal width, the distinction is no exaggeration. Using ENVE's legendary carbon manufacturing process, the wheels are made to descend with finesse while making unavoidable ascents not just bearable, but...
  • ENVE M60 Forty HV 27.5in Boost Wheelset
    We've elsewhere referred to the standard version of ENVE's M60 Forty HV 27. 5in Boost Wheelset as the ideal trail wheel, but that was before it blew up in internal rim width (from 23 to 26mm -- 1mm wider than the standard M70 Forty) and hub width (to the new 110/148 Boost standard). The extra...
  • ENVE M70 Thirty HV 27.5in Boost Wheelset
    While the internal width of the standard model is already impressively wide, the M70 Thirty HV 27. 5in Boost Wheelset bumps the rim walls out even further. The internal width goes from 25 to an almost comical 36mm to allow for maximum volume while running 2. 4 and 2. 5in tires. This added volume...
  • ENVE SES 2.2 Wheelset with ENVE Hubs - Clincher
    The rims on ENVE's SES 2. 2 Clincher Wheelset with ENVE Hubs had a grand debut this summer atop the dizzyingly high peaks of the Tour on the frames of the MTN-Qhubeka team. Cummings earned the team its first-ever stage win aboard these rims, and they're now available for the rest of us to use as...
  • ENVE SES 2.2 Wheelset with ENVE Hubs - Tubular
    The ENVE SES 2. 2 wheelset, built feather-light to fly up the mountains of the Tour, was the biggest news of the climbing wheel world this year. Now laced with ENVE's new carbon hubs, the SES 2. 2 Tubular Wheelset with ENVE Hubs is available to us all whether we're conquering our favorite local...
  • ENVE SES 7.8 Carbon Road Wheelset with ENVE Hubs - Clincher
    Upgrade that new aero frame and get the most out of your TT efforts with the ENVE SES 7. 8 Carbon Road Clincher Wheelset with ENVE Hubs. Since the 7. 8s are billed as ENVE's fastest rims, it's only fitting that they're paired with the low weight and ceramic bearings of the manufacturer's carbon...
  • ENVE M60 Forty HV 29in Boost Wheelset
    We haven't been shy about declaring a bit of love for the standard version of ENVE's M60 Forty HV 29in Boost Wheelset, but that love is well-earned. It has proven itself as one of the ideal wheelsets for everything from grinding climbs to gnarly descents at speeds normally reserved for race day....
  • ENVE M60 Forty 29in Boost Wheelset
    We've been pretty outspoken on our stance that the standard version of ENVE's M60 Forty 29in Boost Wheelset is the ideal set of hoops for everything from epic climbs to screaming descents that'll show up to throw down with a vengeance on race day. The Boost version takes the versatility of the...
  • ENVE M70 Thirty HV 29in Boost Wheelset
    ENVE's original M70 Thirty wheelset ticked all the boxes for hard-riding, adrenaline-chasing trail shredders. The ENVE M70 Thirty HV 29in Boost Wheelset retains all the things we love about the standard version and puffs up the internal rim width from 25 to 31mm to pair perfectly with larger...
  • ENVE M50 Fifty 29in Boost Wheelset
    The ENVE M50 Fifty 29in Boost Wheelset has redefined our expectations for what a cross country wheelset is able to do. Built with speedy hardtail and shorter suspension rides in mind, the M50 Fifty replaces ENVE's renowned XC rim with a significant drop in weight for even faster rolling on flats...
  • ENVE SES 4.5 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset - DT Swiss 240 Hub
    The ENVE SES 4. 5 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset with DT Swiss 240 Hubs has garnered a storied reputation as a jack-of-all trades that's as capable on soaring ascents as it is railing criterium corners and settling into a blistering pace off the front of the peloton. This version comes outfitted...
  • ENVE SES 4.5 Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher - ENVE Carbon Ceramic Hubs
    ENVE's wheels occasionally give us mortals the chance to feel like we're riding like higher powers, and with the advent of the SES 4. 5 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset, complete with ENVE's Carbon Ceramic Hubs, ENVE blends powerful, competent internals with its rims' ethereal, functional exterior....
  • ENVE SES 4.5 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset - Chris King R45 Hubs
    When ENVE introduced the first generation of its SES 4. 5, it effectively bridged the divide between the SES line's discipline-specific wheels -- the featherweight, climb-ready 3. 4 and the aerodynamic missile 6. 7 -- to offer one do-it-all set of carbon hoops. ENVE's carbon craftsmen in Northern...
  • ENVE SES 3.4 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset - DT Swiss 240 Hubs
    Over the span of just a few years, the ENVE brand has become synonymous with all things aerodynamic. This is due largely in part to its collaboration with Simon Smart, the renowned dodger of wind who lends his name to the Smart ENVE System (SES). Of the multiple wheelsets that collaboration has...
  • ENVE SES 3.4 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset - ENVE Ceramic Hubs
    Few manufacturers live up to their names like ENVE, whose rims not only redefined race wheel aesthetics but inspire envious glances the world over. Last year, the brand turned that same lust-inducing engineering to the world of hubs, and the 2016 SES 3. 4 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset with ENVE...
  • ENVE SES 3.4 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset - Chris King R45 Hub
    Rolling up to the start of a ride on a silky set of ENVE wheels affords you a certain level of status and inclusion, no matter the group. Their graphics quietly roar with wind-tunnel tested aerodynamics and speed that all but guarantee you'll have an advantage when the cranks wind up and tucks...
  • ENVE SES 3.4 Carbon Tubular Road Wheelset - DT Swiss 240 Hub
    The ENVE SES 3. 4 Carbon Tubular Road Wheelset with DT Swiss 240 Hubs has a lot of things working in its favor. It combines ENVE engineering and aesthetics, silky smooth and reliable DT Swiss hubs, and the versatility to speed over a wide range of terrain. The latest generation also features ENVE...
  • ENVE M60 Forty Rim Decal
    You love your ENVE M60 Forty wheels, but sometimes the same old aesthetics are just screaming for an update. Whether you're going for stealth mode or bright fluoro bling, the ENVE M60 Forty Rim Decal lets you customize your wheels to match that shiny new frame or add a standout pop of flair to an...
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