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  • Dynafit Transalper DST Pant - Women's
    From rocky descents to hard packed scurries up and over ridgelines, the Dynafit Women's Transalper DST Pant provides lightweight performance. Fashioned to serve as a reinterpretation of a hardshell pant, the Transalper is equipped with a four-way stretch fabric that's also water-repellent while...
  • Dynafit Chugach WS Pant - Women's
    Part of the backcountry's allure is that it's always changing, but this same unpredictability can make dialing in your gear difficult. Dynafit designed the Chugach WS Women's Pant to make it easy, though, with a combination of Windstopper 3L fabric and stretch-woven polyester to stop the wind...
  • Dynafit Mercury DST Softshell Pant - Women's
    You've already made the switch to a softshell jacket. It's awesome, right' The breathability and mobility are worlds better than your hardshell, and it has dramatically improved your overall backcountry experience. So now the question is, why are you still wearing your hardshell pants' Not only...