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  • Kuhl Kontra Pant - Women's
    Jeans are for sitting on the couch watching shows. The Kuhl Kontra Women's Pants are for getting lost in nature. Go for two miles or ten--the lightweight cotton blend fabric doesn't care, just as long as you get outside. The internal drawcord gives these pants a comfortable fit, while the crotch...
  • Kuhl Kendra Pant - Women's
    You can feel it coming on: the tense muscles, the perpetual frown on your face. Throw on the Kuhl Kendra Pants and escape the pressures of your daily nine-to-five. The KuhlDry cotton blend fabric breathes and pulls moisture away from your skin to keep you drier longer. The internal drawcord makes...
  • Kuhl Splash Straight Pant - Women's
    Whether you're doing some bouldering up the canyon or just on a quick hike in the foothills, the Kuhl Women's Splash Straight Pants ensure you're enjoying lightweight comfort throughout any activity. Stronger, lighter, and faster drying than cotton, these pants are made from the cotton nylon...
  • Kuhl Radikl Pant - Women's
    Don't waste your energy trying to jam a pair of hiking pants and sweats into your pack before heading off on your camping trip. Instead, bring along the KUHL Women's Radikl Pant for an ideal balance between the technical performance of a trail pant, and the extra-cozy comfort of your favorite...
  • Kuhl Splash Roll-Up Pant - Women's
    It's a perfect weekend day, so stop lolling around in your jammies drinking coffee, pull on the KUHL Women's Splash Roll-Up Pant, and get outdoors. This lightweight pant with a soft, cottony feel has just enough spandex woven in so that you move easily on the trail as you begin to wake up and...