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  • La Sportiva Chaxi Pant - Women's
    In this day and age of computer-mapping the deep seas and highest points, a few firsts still remain untouched by technology. Go find yourself a hidden boulder or secret rock seam and smear yourself across it while wearing the La Sportiva Women's Chaxi Pants. Rugged nylon pants won't show a slip...
  • La Sportiva Ballerina Capri Pant - Women's
    Dance up climbing walls gracefully with the La Sportiva Women's Ballerina Capri Pant. Its stretchy and breathable fabric ensures comfort and full freedom of movement.
  • La Sportiva Kalymnos Pant - Women's
    Early mornings at the boulder field call for the La Sportiva Women's Kalymnos Pant. Its cotton Lycra twill blend is so soft and stretchy that you can either pull hard or take a nap on your crash pad. Articulated knees promote high-stepping moves, and the adjustable waistband makes sure you don't...
  • La Sportiva Shiva Softshell Pant - Women's
    Flexibility and breathability are required for technical climbs and intense alpine hikes, but you also need something that protects you from the harsh, unpredictable weather. Enter the La Sportiva Women's Shiva Softshell Pant. It features a wind- and water-resistant fabric that's way stretchier...