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  • Lucy Hatha Pant - Women's
    Whether you're slowing things down and finding your center or blowing off steam and getting your heart racing, the Lucy Women's Hatha Pant is ready for the ride. This comfy, stretchy pant with a body-hugging fit accompanies you to your next yoga class or run; when it's all over, you'll find it's...
  • Lucy Pocket Capri Legging - Women's
    More pockets usually means more convenience, but sometimes it can mean more bulk. The Lucy Women's Pocket Capri Legging comes equipped with two slim thigh pockets in addition to a hidden internal pocket so you can carry more than just a key with you while you run and you won't feel like you're...
  • Lucy Hatha Leggings - Women's
    Regardless of what your feet are doing, your legs are happy when they're sporting the Lucy Women's Hatha Legging. Your feet could be barefoot for yoga class, pounding the pavement in running shoes, or even sporting your new knee-high boots on a trip to the coffee shopwhatever's going on with them...
  • Lucy Hatha Capri Leggings - Women's
    A good capri tight is an absolutely indispensable part of a workout wardrobe. The Lucy Women's Hatha Capri Legging delivers all you demand from a capri: a stretchy, compressive, moisture-wicking fabric, a mobility-enhancing gusset, and nice extras like side seams that are rotated to the front for...
  • Lucy Get Going Pant - Women's
    Kick it into high gear with the relaxed, fitness-friendly feel of the Lucy Women's Get Going Pant. This fitness/yoga pant features tonal flatlock seams for a smooth, chafe-free feel. Its stretch waistband keeps these pants from riding up when you're bending, stretching, and exercising, while the...
  • Lucy Studio Hatha Capri Legging - Women's
    Look and feel confident as you dip into those deepest poses in the Lucy Women's Studio Hatha Capri Legging. Soft, stretchy Supplex nylon along with Lycra spandex make up this yoga-specific pant. A flattering wide waistband lies flat against the skin, and it is fitted with an internal waistband...
  • Lucy Studio Hatha Leggings - Women's
    Stretch, breathe, smile, repeat, all while wearing the Lucy Women's Studio Hatha Leggings. Since these stylish leggings are compressive with a wide waistband, they help your circulation while accentuating your curves. The breathable four-way stretch fabric wicks away moisture and the flatlock...
  • Lucy Studio Hatha Capri Legging - Women's
    Breathe deeply into ardha matsyendrasana and embrace the innate flexibility of your Lucy Women's Studio Hatha Capri Legging. Fashioned with the forgiving Lucy Powermax fabric, these capris wick away moisture and offer four-way stretch mobility while the anti-chafing, flatlock seams ensure comfort...
  • Lucy Do Everything Cuffed Pant - Women's
    From yoga to lazy afternoons spent reading and sipping coffee, there's not a whole lot you can't do in the Lucy Women's Do Everything Cuffed Pants. Although, we might suggest that you don't try your hand at possum wrestling in them. But if you must, their four-way stretch fabric, wide waistband,...
  • Lucy Mat And Move Leggings - Women's
    The Lucy Women's Mat And Move Leggings hug every curve and every movement while giving you a stunning look for the studio or downtown. Crafted with incredibly smooth Lucy Tech fabric and flatlock seams, these leggings easily wick away moisture during hot yoga or fitness sessions in the gym.
  • Lucy Strong Is Beautiful Pant - Women's
    You may not have time to lift weights in the gym as much as the pros, but at least you can lift some heavy grocery bags to supplement it. Thanks to the Lucy Women's Strong Is Beautiful Pants, you get to effortlessly transition from the yoga studio to the store without feeling sweaty or restricted...
  • Lucy Power Train Pocket Capri Tights - Women's
    Every now and then, Warrior II gets the best of you--but thankfully, your stylish Lucy Women's Power Train Pocket Capri Tights make your fall from grace, well, a little bit more elegant. These pliable, capri tights are fashioned with a moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric that moves with you,...
  • Lucy Power Train Pocket Leggings - Women's
    Power Train Pocket Leggings - Women's