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  • Patagonia Happy Hike Pants - Women's
    With the Patagonia Women's Happy Hike Pants, it doesn't take too much imagination to see yourself exploring newly discovered ruins in a parking lot in Rome or hitting the trail in Isle Royale National Park. Lightweight and stretchy fabric makes the Happy Hike pants pure pleasure to wear. Straight...
  • Patagonia Simul Alpine Pant - Women's
    Designed to make light work of rough weather alpine ascents and long multipitch climbs, the Patagonia Simul Women's Alpine Pant delivers plenty of lightweight protection, breathability, and water resistance in a stretchy softshell. The double-woven knit is durable without being heavy, while the...
  • Patagonia Venga Rock Pant - Women's
    If you ever find yourself climbing in Mallorca, Spain, and people are yelling, "Venga," at you over and over, it isn't because you're wearing the Patagonia Women's Venga Rock Pant. It's because they want you to send as badly and this Patagonia pant does. Its organic cotton stretch blend breathes,...
  • Patagonia Quandary Pant - Women's
    The Patagonia Women's Quandary Pants will take everything from sport climbing to peak bagging in stride. Their light and stretchy fabric makes them comfortable enough for all mountain wear, and with a DWR finish, they'll repel light moisture, so you will stay dry. The gusseted crotch and...
  • Patagonia Tribune Capri Pant - Women's
    Slip into the supple four-way stretch of the Patagonia Women's Tribune Capri Pant before embarking on daily activities and adventures. This utility capri has a DWR treatment for moisture and stain-shedding performance. Its UPF 50+ rating ensures protection from blistering summer rays, while the...
  • Patagonia Away From Home Pant - Women's
    Patagonia designed the Women's Away From Home Pant with a casual style and a performance-driven focus on fishing. Its nylon taslan fabric breathes better than most nylons, and it resists UV rays, wicks moisture, and dries quickly for extra comfort after a wet-but-warm day in the lake. Patagonia...
  • Patagonia Sidesend Pant - Women's
    Whether you're traveling, bouldering, or backpacking, the Patagonia Women's Sidesend Pant is designed to keep you comfortable when on-the-go. Constructed with a stretchy fabric, this lightweight pant ensures unobstructed mobility, while the water-resistant treatment ensures added protection...
  • Patagonia RPS Rock Pant - Women's
    Forget paper and scissors, rock always wins when you're climbing in the Patagonia Women's RPS Rock Pant. The lightweight stretch fabric moves with you and won't weigh you down or make you feel stuffy, and they're equipped with a DWR coating that repels light moisture in case it starts to drizzle...
  • Patagonia Serenity Leggings - Women's
    Salute the sun and find your sense of inner calm in the soft and mindful Women's Serenity Leggings from Patagonia. These low-rise, form-fitting leggings are made with an organic cotton blend and are a Fair Trade Certified style.
  • Patagonia Centered Crops Legging - Women's
    The Patagonia Women's Centered Crops Legging is stretchy for yoga, durable for climbing, and performance-driven for fitness.
  • Patagonia Centered Tights - Women's
    Your yoga has come a long way since you started getting more serious. And it definitely shows in your choice of the Patagonia Women's Centered Tights. These compression-fit pants offer remarkable support and recovery, as well as providing moisture-wicking comfort during your workouts. A wide,...
  • Patagonia Serenity Pant - Women's
    You'll have no trouble reaching across rock walls or folding into pigeon poses in the soft, stretchy Patagonia Women's Serenity Tight. Soothing organic cotton blended with shape-maintaining spandex wraps your thighs and hips while allowing unhindered mobility, and the flat, wide waistband easily...
  • Patagonia Houdini Running Pant - Women's
    The Patagonia Women's Houdini Running Pant is a lightweight accomplice for tackling muddy, rain-soaked trails and running through blustery conditions. This wind and water-resistant running pant features a durable nylon ripstop shell, complete with a moisture-shedding DWR finish. It conveniently...
  • Patagonia Borderless Tight - Women's
    Pull on the Patagonia Women's Borderless Tight, slip into the rest of your cold-weather running gear, and hit the trails even though old man winter already settled in for the season. The Borderless is fashioned with an insulating, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying fabric to keep up with your...
  • Patagonia Torrentshell Pant - Women's
    Stay one step ahead of the weather with the Patagonia Women's Torrentshell Pants. From humid hikes in tropical regions to soggy treks in the Pacific Northwest, the Torrentshell Pants offer lightweight and breathable protection from the elements wherever your journey takes you. The H2No shell...
  • Patagonia Alpine Houdini Pant - Women's
    From summits to switchbacks, the Patagonia Women's Alpine Houdini Pant provides featherlight, bombproof protection. Because after all, as much as we'd like to trust the weatherman and all of those splendidly technological element-apps, Mother Nature has a mind of her own and often disburses both...
  • Patagonia Kniferidge Softshell Pant - Women's
    Just as well suited for high-stepping up as they are for hop-turning down, the Patagonia Women's Kniferidge Pants are a must-have for those who are vertically-inclined. Made from a lightweight and stretchy three-layer Polartec Power Shield Pro fabric, these pants deliver a unique balance of...
  • Patagonia Dual Point Alpine Pant - Women's
    Whether you're heading up ice on crampons or ripping down snow on your board, the Patagonia Women's Dual Point Alpine Pants are built to be in the mountains. Stretchy and breathable, these pants are made from a midweight polyester spandex fabric with solid abrasion-resistance and a DWR-finish to...
  • Patagonia Wind Shield Hybrid Pant - Women's
    Patagonia built the lightweight and breathable Women's Wind Shield Hybrid Pants for trail running, climbing, hiking, and other cold-weather, high-aerobic activities. A DWR-finish on the comfortably stretchy softshell fabric provides protection from wind and water, so there's no need to be scared...