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  • Exped Cord-Drybag UL
    Cord-Drybag UL
  • Sea To Summit Stopper Dry Bag
    Whether you're exploring remote inlets on the northwest coast or rafting desert whitewater, keep your gear bone dry and safely stowed with the Sea To Summit Stopper Dry Bag. The TPU laminated fabric with fully welded seams and a waterproof roll-top closure keep gear protected from breaking waves,...
  • Sea To Summit Dry Mesh Duffel
    Don't let the mesh part of the Sea to Summit Dry Mesh Duffel throw you off-- inside this duffel lies a dry-bag style closure that protects your essentials from soggy conditions. Stash your wet stuff in the mesh compartment and everything else inside the roll-top and seam-taped main compartment....
  • Sea To Summit Access Deck Dry Bag
    The Sea To Summit Access Deck Dry Bag attaches to the deck area in front of the cockpit to keep your essentials within reach so you can quickly whip out your point-and-shoot, binoculars, or sunscreen.
  • Sea To Summit Big River Dry Bag
    Whether you're backpacking into a remote lake in Olympic National Park or canoeing down Utah's Labyrinth canyon, be sure to keep your gear dry with the Sea To Summit Big River Dry Bag. The Big River is made from abrasion resistant nylon fabric with a TPU laminate and fully taped seams to seal out...
  • Osprey Packs Ultralight Dry Sack
    When the rain hasn't let up for days, a simple rain cover over your pack isn't going to keep your gear dry. It's in situations like that when you'll be glad you have your gear packed in the Osprey Ultralight Dry Sack. These lightweight dry sacks organize your gear while keeping it dry in the face...
  • Outdoor Research Ultralight Dry Sack
    Thanks to the lightweight polyester material and a wide range of sizes, the Outdoor Research Ultralight Dry Sack is ideal for backpacking in rain-soaked climates. The smooth profile easily inserts into a backpack while the fully taped seams and polyurethane coating ensure you'll have a dry pair...
  • Outdoor Research Duct Tape Dry Bag
    While its inception most definitely spawned from the silver miracle tape that never leaves your (or any fellow dirt-bagging mcgee's) bag, the Duct Tape Dry Bag is also a tribute to the tried-and-true dependability of Outdoor Research's gear creations. Thanks to the waterproof nylon construction...
  • Outdoor Research Durable Dry Sack
    Stow paddling essentials in Outdoor Research's Durable Dry Sack and toss it in the river for fun. Fully taped seams and a reliable roll-top closure make sure your gear stays dry anyway.
  • NRS Pelican Case - 1300
    Whether you're rafting class five whitewater, trekking to a high-altitude base camp, or enduring desert sandstorms, the NRS 1300 Pelican Case will keep your sensitive equipment fully protected from the elements. The ABS structural plastic withstands the toughest abuse, and the airtight O-ring...
  • NRS Pelican Case - 1120
    For gear you can't afford to have damaged, trust nothing less than the indestructible NRS 1120 Pelican Case. The waterproof and airtight seal shuts out the elements while the Pick-N-Pluck foam allows you to customize the interior of the case for specific equipment.
  • NRS Aquapac 608 Keymaster Dry Bag
    Not losing your keys on your way down the river is a start, but it's still going to suck when you get to the take out only to realize that your automatic car door opener will never work again thanks to that swim you took on mile five. The NRS Aquapac 608 Keymaster Dry Bag keeps your small...
  • NRS Aquapac Whanganui All-Purpose Case
    Sick of rifling through your big dry bag to find your iPod and map' Or going out for a short paddle and want to bring just a few necessities without fear of water damage' Grab the NRS Aquapac 654 Small Whanganui All-Purpose Case. The Whanganui (wang-ah-new-ee) is waterproof to 15 feet so you...
  • Sea To Summit Clear Stopper Dry Bag
    A quality dry bag is essential to have on the river, but having to dump everything out to find your sunglasses can be a pain. Load up the Sea To Summit Clear Stopper Dry Bag for reliable waterproof performance that allows you to quickly locate gear items before even opening the bag. Plus, the...
  • Sea To Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack
    You don't have to sleep in a swampy bag or eat soggy tortillas. Transport your goods in the Sea To Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack to protect them from becoming water-logged and useless. Made from tough, durable PVC-free 600D fabric with waterproof TPU laminate, this dry bag will protect your load when...
  • Sea To Summit Hydraulic Dry Bag
    Your multi-day river trip is going to feel like yearlong penance if all your gear gets soaked, so pack it up in the tough-as-nails and ultra-secure Sea To Summit Hydraulic Dry Bag. Made from durable, PVC-free 600D fabric with TPU waterproof laminate, this dry bag resists UV rays, cold temps, and...
  • Watershed Largo Tote - 1500cu in
    It doesn't matter if you spend most of your life in a raft or just don't let heavy rains stop you from doing what you love, you can use a bag that keeps your gear completely dry. Trust the patented ZipDry locking seal and the roll-top design of the Watershed Largo Tote to do just that. Extremely...
  • Watershed Yukon Dry Bag - 4200cu in
    Whether it's a week-long rafting trip or a month-long motorcycle adventure through British Columbia, your lifestyle requires a gear bag that doesn't just keep your extra clothes, food, and personal items dry, but also won't show signs of wear after a few weeks abuse. The hefty capacity and...
  • Watershed Westwater Backpack - 4900cu in
    Watershed's Westwater Backpack is its largest waterproof backpack. This pack offers monstrous storage space and a completely watertight construction and top closure. Pack the Westwater to the brim, lash it to the deck of your raft, and submit it to a thrashing in the river. All your gear will...
  • Watershed Salmon Stowfloat Kayak Bag - 1500cu in
    Watershed originally designed the Salmon Stowfloat Kayak Bag to aid a self-supported trip down the Grand Canyon during the winter. Since then, this flotation and storage bag has been redesigned to fit a variety of kayak shapes and sizes. Just put your gear in the bag, store the bag in your kayak,...
  • Watershed Ocoee Dry Bag - 900cu in
    Unlike most duffel style dry bags, the Watershed Ocoee Dry Bag has enough room for extra clothing, lunch, and a first aid kit, and it will actually keep all your gear dry. We know, it's amazing that this product actually does what it promises, but in a world filled with failed dry bags, it's...
  • Watershed Mississippi Dry Bag - 8400cu in
    Expedition fly-fishermen and SCUBA divers drool a little when they see the Watershed Mississippi Dry Bag. This 138-liter bag boasts massive storage capacity, watertight construction, and a completely waterproof closure that allows you to completely submerge this beast without soaking the gear...
  • Watershed Futa Kayak Bag - 1300cu in
    The Watershed Futa Kayak Bag combines the benefits of drybags and floatbags so you can make sure your boat won't swamp as well as use up all the precious space you have in your boat. Just put your gear in the bag, store the bag in your kayak, and inflate it with the long tube. Made from...
  • Watershed Aleutian Kayak Bag - 800cu in
    The low-profile Watershed Aleutian Kayak Bag is a sea kayaker's dream. Made with high-denier nylon and a polyurethane coating, this bag keeps whatever you have stored safe and secure during the entire trip, with Watershed's proprietary ZipDry seal and rolltop closure that keep your belongings dry...
  • Watershed Colorado Dry Bag - 6400cu in
    Whether you're trying to keep water away from your dry gear or hoping to keep all of your wet gear separate from the dry goods, the Watershed Colorado Dry Bag is the right choice. Welded seams totally eliminate water seepage while a 'zipper-less' ZipDry Seal provides a water-tight seal at the...
  • Watershed Chattooga Dry Bag - 1800cu in
    A dry bag needs to be spacious, easy to haul, extremely durable, and totally waterproof--lucky for you the Watershed Chattooga Dry Bag meets all of those criteria. Unlike most roll-top dry bags (that eventually allow water to seep in) the Chattooga features Watershed's patented ZipDry locking...
  • Watershed Big Creek Backpack - 1400cu in
    The Watershed Big Creek Backpack is a dry bag for day trips that will exceed you're expectations whether you're paddling in Arizona's rivers, canyoneering across the desert, or simply looking for something to keep your belongings dry at the beach. Made with high-denier nylon and a polyurethane...
  • Watershed Animas Backpack - 3300cu in
    The Watershed Animas Backpack has enough space for a couple days' worth of gear whether you're paddling, fishing, or looking to store some valuables in a dry bag for backcountry ski sessions. Made with high-denier nylon and a polyurethane coating, this bag keeps whatever you have stored safe and...
  • NRS Aquapac Mini Camera Case
    Do you have a small digital camera that you want to take out on the water and that could fit in a, oh, say 7. 9in-circumference bag' The NRS Aquapac 404 Mini Camera Case uses a waterproof case and a clear window to take the precariousness out of shooting on the water. Keep your point-and-shoot in...
  • NRS Aquapac Compact Camera Case
    Bringing your point-and-shoot camera out on the water used to be a catch 22 (you really want to take pictures but you don't want to risk a camera-dunk). Try the NRS Aquapac 414 Compact Camera Case. NRS designed this case to keep your camera protected even if the case gets submerged (case is...
  • SealLine Kodiak Window Dry Bag
    Keep a close eye on your gear without submitting it to the raging river outside the SealLine Kodiak Window Dry Bag. This tough, reliable dry bag comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate all types of trips and types of gear. Stash a small bag in the tight confines of your day hatch, and a larger...
  • SealLine Baja Deck Bag
    Instead of packing the pockets of your PFD with your small essentials, drop them inside the Baja Deck Bag and strap this sucker near the cockpit of your boat. The waterproof main zipper closure keeps electronics or non-water-friendly gear from getting soaked inside and on the outside, the small...
  • SealLine Black Canyon Boundary Dry Pack
    The SealLine Black Canyon Boundary Dry Pack offers reliable water-tight storage and makes portages less painful with its waterproof, lightweight shoulder straps. PVC-free urethane reduces environmental impact while still remaining bomb-proof enough for your wildest river trips.
  • SealLine Kodiak Taper Dry Bag
    The ends of your kayak taper, so why shouldn't your dry bag do the same' Instead of wrestling with your bag each morning of your tour, choose the SealLine Kodiak Taper Dry Bag. This bag tapers down to fit into bow or stern hatches and uses a waterproof, one-way purge valve for efficient...
  • SealLine Pro Pack 115 Dry Bag
    For long-distance hauling, portaging in nasty weather, or expedition storage, the SealLine Pro Pack 115 Dry Bag features an adjustable suspension system to help you comfortably hump your gear. The padded back panel and full hip belt stabilize the load on long treks. The roll-top closure secures...
  • SealLine Black Canyon Dry Bag
    SealLine makes the classic Black Canyon Dry Bag with PVC-free double-coated nylon to protect the environment while it keeps your gear dry. Chose from a wide range of sizes to fit your needs, and take comfort in knowing that SealLine's Dry Seal, dual-strip closure won't let in so much as a drop of...
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