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  • Petzl MYO Headlamp
    Instead of rigging up a complicated system of helmet mirrors to light the trail, just stick the Petzl MYP RXP Headlamp on your dome. With ll different lighting modes ranging from a modest 20 lumens all the way to a staggering 370 (in boost mode), it has the ability to provide the right amount of...
  • Princeton Tec Apex Headlamp
    As the brightest light in the Professional Series, the Princeton Tec Apex Headlamp packs 275 lumens of total output for brilliant illumination of pitch-black trails, dark alpine environments, and nighttime crags. The center Maxbright LED casts an impressively concentrated beam when you're...
  • Princeton Tec Apex Pro Headlamp
    Whether you're exploring claustrophobic caverns, climbing big walls after sunset, or heading out on dawn patrol, the Princeton Tec Apex Pro Headlamp has you covered with its astounding illumination and ultra-light, yet robust design. More than 100 grams lighter than the standard Apex Headlamp,...
  • Princeton Tec Apex Rechargeable Headlamp
    Casting 275 lumens of brilliant illumination, the Princeton Tec Apex Rechargeable Headlamp is a stellar choice for riding singletrack after dark, approaching crags before sun-up, and trekking along dark coastlines. Based off the popular Apex Headlamp, this particular version features a...
  • Princeton Tec Apex Extreme Headlamp
    The Princeton Tec Apex Extreme Headlamp excels at early-morning ski tours, frigid alpine ascents, and cold-weather camping thanks to a remote battery that wears close-to-body for preserved battery life. The battery life indicator gives an easy readout of remaining battery life via colored LEDs,...
  • Princeton Tec Fred Headlamp
    Princeton Tec's Fuel headlamp has been a staple in the headlamp world for years. The Fred takes the Fuel to the next level by replacing one of the white LED's with a more camp-friendly red LED, so you don't get in another fist fight this summer because you blinded a fellow camper.
  • Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp
    For a versatile and powerful light source that takes up minimal space, look no further than the Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp. The lamp's powerful Maxbright LED will cast a narrow beam 90 meters into the darkness and has a burn time up to 110 hours while the two Ultrabright LED can put out a wide...
  • Petzl USB Car Charger
    The Petzl USB Car Charger lets you charge your Petzl headlamp while you drive to your destination. That means no more backpacking with a powerless headlamp because you forgot to charge it before you left home.
  • Petzl USB AC Wall Charger for Tikka R Plus and Tikka RXP
    If you're going to use Petzl's Tikka R Plus or Tikka RXP Headlamps as much as we think you're going to, then you'll want the USB AC Wall Charger.
  • Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp
    Winning an Editors' Choice Award from Backpacker Magazine for its attractive price point and intuitive user interface, the Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp provides brilliant illumination with five different settings tailored to outdoor activities and alpine adventures. 150 lumens of maximum power...
  • Petzl ADAPT Headband/Elastic
    Is the headband on your Petzl ADAPT headlamp not as stretchy as it used to be' Breathe new life into your favorite headlamp with the Petzl ADAPT Headband/Elastic. It will make your headlamp fit the way it did when you pulled it out of the box.
  • Petzl SP: Wide Angle LENS for TIKKA XP
    Replace that cracked lens on your Tikka XP headlamp with the Petzl SP: Wide Angle LENS for Tikka XP.
  • Petzl Accu Battery for Reactik & Reactik Plus
    Accu Battery for Reactik & Reactik Plus
  • Petzl BULB 6v Xenon for MYO
    Keep your Petzl Myo Headlamp shining bright with the 6V Xenon Bulb. This halogen bulb provides an impressive 76 meters of light for nights when you need extra visibility to ski, climb, or bike.
  • Petzl BULB 6v Standard for MYO
    When the bulb in your Petzl Myo Headlamp dies on your camping trip, pat yourself on the back for bringing along the spare 6V Standard Bulb on your hike. Never go into the backcountry without a spare bulb for your Petzl Myo Headlamp again.
  • Petzl e+LITE Emergency Headlamp
    You never know when an emergency situation will arise, so keep your Petzl e+Lite Emergency Headlamp handy in your pack, on your ski jacket, or in your car. Capable of delivering performance even in tough conditions, this tiny and compact light offers multiple light settings and intuitive survival...
  • Petzl Ultra Rush Belt Headlamp
    Lighting the way with 700 lumens, the incredibly powerfuland durable Petzl Ultra Rush Belt Headlamp is ideal for the fastest offast-paced action sports. It has four different levels of lighting triggered bya rotating knob that is easy to use even with gloves on, so if you run or skiinto a dense...
  • Black Diamond 6-Volt Battery
    6 volt batteries are getting harder and harder to find at department stores and local grocery chains. Do yourself a favor and pick up the Black Diamond 6-Volt Battery for dependable power for your Black Diamond Ion Headlamp (spring 2014 and older models).
  • Princeton Tec Remix Pro Headlamp
    The Princeton Tec Remix Pro Headlamp features three Ultrabright LEDs and one Maxbright LED to give you multiple lighting options. A single CR123 battery keeps the Remix's weight down to just over two ounces, but still provides a solid 40-hour burn time, which is more than enough for a weekend in...
  • Princeton Tec Byte Headlamp
    You'll barely notice Princeton Tec's Byte Headlamp overhead whether you're running, climbing, hiking, or camping. A single Maxbright LED provides a surprisingly strong beam that can reach nearly a hundred feet, and there's a red Ultrabright LED to extend vision without hindering your night vision.
  • Princeton Tec Remix Rechargeable Headlamp
    With four lighting modes and rechargeable options, the Princeton Tec Remix Rechargeable Headlamp is your reliable go-to for backcountry lighting. At 200 lumens, this light offers plenty to help you see your way, using either the Ultrabright or Maxbright LED bulbs, depending on your lighting needs...
  • Princeton Tec Remix Plus Headlamp
    When times get dark, it's about time to bust out the Remix Plus Headlamp from Princeton Tec and make sure your next move is illuminated properly. The Remix Plus features a rear-mounted battery pack that doubles as a spot for rear-mounted, flashing lights. The LED bulbs come in two varieties,...
  • Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp - 150 lumens
    With two different types of LED bulb and four intensity modes, the Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp offers the versatility to effectively light the way on any nighttime excursion. The Maxbright LED can send a concentrated beam over 70 meters into the darkness when you just need to know whether that's...
  • Poler Cyclops Headlamp
    Cyclops Headlamp
  • Nite Ize BrimLit Hat Light
    When you need an ultralight and ultra-convenient, yet totally hands-free lighting solution, reach for the Night Ize BrimLit Hat Light. This LED light has a flexible design that clips onto the brim of almost any hat, making it perfect for everything from night fishing and campground tasks to...
  • Nite Ize Inova STS Headlamp
    The Nite Ize Inova STS Headlamp is a multi-mode, dual LED color headlamp that's great for outdoor activities where high-quality, hands-free illumination is needed. Its innovative Swipe-to-Shine, touch-activated interface allows you to choose between the headlamp's red and white LED lights, also...
  • Nathan Halo Fire Runner's Headlamp
    Don't let long days at the office get in the way of your running goals. The Nathan Halo Fire Runner's Headlamp offers versatile lighting options to help you see and be seen whether you're on a remote trail or under city lights. Two down-angled LEDs help you see the road or trail directly in front...
  • Mammut X-Charger
    The Mammut X-Charger charges your Mammut lithium ion battery quickly so you can get started on your adventures sooner.
  • Goal Zero Luna LED Light
    You may think you're doing your friends a favor by firing up the generator and burning their retinas with your industrial-size spotlight, but they'd rather you plugged in your Goal Zero Luna LED Light and kept the light to yourself. Lightweight, energy-efficient, and with a flexible neck, this...
  • Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini Quad
    It goes without saying that you're probably going to be lit when you're camping, but the experience is a whole lot more enjoyable when the whole camp's lit up with the Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini Quad. These four LED lights put out 110 lumens each and run well off of Goal Zero power packs or the...
  • Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini
    Light up your tent with the lightweight, collapsible, and extra bright Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini V2. This mini USB-powered LED light is chainable to turn your campsite into a party area and comes with a carabiner for easy hanging from low-hanging branches.
  • Fenix HL25 Headlamp
    You can rely on Fenix's HL25 Headlamp during the hard, dirty work involved with caving, climbing, dawn patrolling, mountaineering, and paddling. Its rugged alloy housing fends off impacts, water, and all that dirt. Fenix added an anodized coating for extra resistance against abrasion, and the...
  • Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp
    Toss Black Diamond's compact Cosmo Headlamp in your ski pack, climbing pants pocket, or over your car's center mirror before heading out. This small headlamp gives 160 lumens of light and has six different lighting modes with various TriplePower and DoublePower LEDs. What this means for you is...
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