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  • Carlisle Extra Heavy Duty Raft Oar Shaft
    When you're rafting on the water, you can use the Carlisle Extra Heavy Duty Raft Oar Shaft and attachable blade (sold separately) to achieve some majorly powerful stroking. When you're at home, you can detach the blade and use this shaft to threaten burglars. Or as a limbo-dance bar for your...
  • Carlisle Outfitter Blade Assembly
    Attach the Carlisle Outfitter Blade Assembly to your Extra Heavy Duty Rafting Oar (sold separately) and hop in your river raft. Carlisle made sure the glass-filled synthetic blade has full-length reinforcement to withstand rough conditions. Of course, a blade that feels like cement at the end of...
  • Cataract Oars SGG Oar
    How do you confidently navigate treacherous but insanely exciting rapids and deep waterways' With lots of training, experience, and the Cataract Oars SGG Oar. The SGG Oar has the feel of wood when it rebounds off the water and it offers a high strength-to-weight ratio that rivals a full carbon or...
  • Cataract Oars Magnum II Blade
    Cataract Oars created the Magnum II Blade for the discerning rafter or drift boater who wants to complete his or her oars with one of Cataract's strongest blades. High-density structural material wraps the composite core, giving the Magnum II its aforementioned strength. With a moderate flex and...
  • Cataract Oars Razor Blade
    The Cataract Oars Razor Blade slips through the water's surface with nary a ripple so you can get the most out of your drift boat and not entirely freak out all of the fish. Featuring a rugged carbon fiber skin over the molded urethane core, the Razor stays sharp at all time. Internally molded...
  • Cataract Oars Oar Storage Bag
    You've optimized everything in your fishing or rafting outfit to maximize efficiency and minimize wasted energy. Tote your counterbalance oars safely and in an organized fashion using the Cataract Oars Oar Storage Bag. This rugged bag has room enough for three oars anywhere between 8 and 11 feet...
  • Cataract Oars Cataract Blade
    Named after the brand from which it was born, the Cataract Blade is a strong and reliable choice for any rowing application, from fishing to whitewater. A moderately thick cross-section allows this paddle to slice into the water, and the teardrop-style shape allows you to pull with power when you...
  • Cataract Oars Oar Stop (for SGG and SGX)
    Slip the Cataract Oar Stop over the shaft of your Cataract SGG or SGX paddle and keep your rafting or drift-boat oar from sliding through the oarlock. Use a little soap and water or some hairspray to lubricate the shaft, slip the Oar Stop into place, and hit the water.
  • Cataract Oars SGG Oar (Counterbalance and Rope Wrap)
    Some boaters will tell you that composite has no business in the world of oars. Most of those people have never experienced the Cataract SGG Oar though, because this whitewater, raft, and drift-boat beauty was designed to flex like wood and rebound like carbon. This oar also includes a protective...
  • Cataract Oars SGX Oar (Counterbalance and Rope Wrap)
    You're set on piloting a big boat and pushing it through heavy rapids and churning, extreme water. The Cataract SGX Oar was designed for just such a task, and this oar includes a protective rope wrap around the shaft and a counterbalanced handle for easy handling. This is one of Cataract's...
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