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  • NRS Co-Pilot Knife
    The NRS Co-Pilot Knife is an essential companion to bring along on your next rafting trip. This river rescue knife's chock full of features useful for any river enthusiast. Its blunt blade tip prevents accidental stabbings and raft punctures, and also doubles as a flat-head screwdriver. The...
  • Sea To Summit Solution Inflatable Paddle Float
    Designed to aid in self-rescue situations initiated by a capsize, the Sea To Summit Solution Inflatable Paddle can help you stabilize the kayak for easier re-entry. The float stows small in a quick-release deck bag, and the two-way locking valve allows for easy inflation and deflation. Plus, the...
  • Sea To Summit Solution Foam Paddle Float
    In the event of a capsize, the Sea to Summit Solution Foam Paddle Float will help you stabilize the kayak for easier re-entry. The mesh paddle blade garage allows water to quickly drain and the integrated safety whistle aids in rescue situations.
  • Sea To Summit Solution Paddle Keeper
    Losing a paddle far from shore can result in a dire situation. Avoid that scenario with the Sea To Summit Solution Paddle Keeper. The burly accordion-style nylon webbing expands and retracts without tangling and is compatible with standard shaft sizes.
  • Sea To Summit Paddle Leash
    Just like a surfer can't ride without a board and an angler can't fish without a rod, you can't attack whitewater or survive an open-ocean squall without your paddle. Attach the Sea To Summit Paddle Leash to your propulsion device (or fishing rod) and you won't be left stranded.
  • Sea To Summit Bilge Pump
    It's just a matter of when, not if, your kayak or canoe will take on water, so be prepared with the smooth-action Sea To Summit Bilge Pump.
  • Stohlquist Re-Traxt Tow-Tether
    There's nothing worse than watching your buddy struggle in Skull rapid. Ensure that you have the Stohlquist Re-Traxt Tow-Tether super-handy to pull your buddy's boat to shore.
  • Stohlquist SeaTow Bullet Bag
    The Stohlquist SeaTow Bullet Bag simplifies a potentially chaotic situation, making rescues and towing that much easier. The outer bag is made of durable nylon and houses a solid-core polypropylene rope that can be deployed by simply pulling the carabiner that doubles as a handle. An internal...
  • Stohlquist Whitewater Bullet Throw Bag
    The Stohlquist Whitewater Bullet Throw Bag throws like a football, re-stuffs quickly, and can be mounted to the back of your PFD, so you're always ready for a swiftwater rescue.
  • Stohlquist QR Belt
    Any whitewater towing or safety application naturally needs to feature a quick-release option, lest you find yourself trapped underwater, with no way to disentangle. The Stohlquist QR Belt turns any TowMotion PFD into a towing-ready, safety-first machine. This durable nylon-webbing strap can turn...
  • Stohlquist Add-A-Buoy Buoyancy Bladder
    The Stohlquist Add-A-Buoy Buoyancy Bladder is designed to fit inside the front pocket of the Stohlquist Descent PFD for increased buoyancy when running big rapids or paddling sketchy open water. The buoy adds five pounds of additional buoyancy and increases the lift and face-up tendency of the...
  • Sterling Ultraline - 3/8 in
    The Sterling Ultraline rope is an essential rescue tool for river guides. Its Dyneema core provides superior strength and fantastic handling, and the polypropylene sheath makes this rope float in the water. This rope is excellent for z-drags, towing boats, and other high-strength applications.
  • NRS Sea Kayak Paddle Float
    Stabilize your kayak with the NRS Paddle Float when you've gone for an unintentional swim in the chilly open water near your home. Easily slide the Paddle Float over your blade, and inflate one of the air chambers to provide additional support for when you need to re-enter your boat.
  • NRS Aquablaster Water Guns
    Soak your buddies on the river with the NRS Aquablaster Water Guns. When the water's calm and the sun is hot, just point the barrel into the water, draw it back, and blast your unsuspecting friend for some quick, cool fun.
  • NRS Titanium Co-Pilot Knife
    The NRS Titanium Co-Pilot Knife is a must-have tool for serious paddlers and playboaters seeking peace of mind when embarking on river and open-water adventures. Made of corrosion-resistant titanium alloy, this knife won't rust when exposed to water on a regular basis. In addition, it features a...
  • Astral Quick Release Rescue Belt
    Enhance the safety of your old Astral Buoyancy PFD with the addition of the Quick Release Rescue Belt. This 1. 5in-wide belt upgrades your Wonderjacket (2007 or later models) or Tempo 200 jacket by making it tow-compatible, and the belt can also be used as a replacement for rescue belts on the...
  • NRS Pilot Knife
    NRS designed its Pilot Knife specifically for freshwater boaters and rescue professionals due to its extreme convenience in the water world. The stainless steel blade features a blunt tip so you don't accidentally puncture your boat or yourself, and the edge has smooth and serrated sections to...
  • NRS Kayak Bilge Pump with Float
    While it might be the least glamorous part of your boating setup, the Kayak Bilge Pump with Float from NRS is one of the unsung heroes. This pump features a durable plastic housing, stainless steel screws, and a foam grip pad that helps it to float if it goes overboard.
  • NRS Bungee Paddle Leash
    The NRS Paddle Leash connects your paddle to your wrist with three feet of bungee cord to keep it from disappearing when you set it in your lap to check your map or take a picture. Few things make the heart sink faster than watching your paddle float away while you sit in your boat, so avoid this...
  • NRS Touring Safety Kits
    The NRS Touring Safety Kits have the essentials you need every time you slip your boat into the water and head away from shore. The basic kit includes a bilge pump and sponge to remove water, paddle float to help you get back into your boat after a flip, and a whistle to signal for help. NRS also...
  • NRS Compact Rescue Throw Bag
    The NRS Compact Rescue Throw Bag keeps 70 feet of floating polypro line clipped to your kayak at all times, so you have it close at hand when someone has to wet exit. The bright yellow line is easily seen in the water and flying through the air when you toss it to your friend. A reinforced loop...
  • NRS Green Knife
    The NRS Green Knife is excellent for any freshwater boating or camping adventure because its compact size means it can slip into virtually any pocket. The stainless steel blade features a blunt tip so the knife won't accidentally stab through your tent or raft, and the edge has smooth and...
  • NRS Pro Rescue Throw Bag
    You can rely on the NRS Pro Rescue Bag when your friend ends up in the water on your paddling trips. NRS made this bag mostly out of Cordura for superior durability that should last for ages, and a mesh top helps this bag dry quickly after each rescue. A flared top makes throwing easier than ever...
  • NRS Pro Guardian Waist Throw Bag
    The NRS Pro Guardian Waist Throw Bag has 55 feet of Dyneema rope to help save comrades on paddling trips. This bag is no bigger than its adjustable waist belt, making it compact and easy to use when needed. The Dyneema line in this NRS throw bag holds an impressive 2600 pounds, so you can use it...
  • Harmony Acme Tornado T2000 Whistle
    Use the Harmony Acme Tornado T2000 Whistle to signal for help or get attention when you're boating, biking, or backpacking. A simple blow on this compact whistle produces a loud, powerful sound that travels over long distances with clarity. An emergency whistle is necessary for safety on the...
  • Harmony Paddle Leash
    The Harmony Paddle Leash allows you to set down your paddle to snap a quick photo or pull a snack out of your vest without worrying about losing your paddle overboard. A sturdy hook-and-loop strap wraps around the handle, while a nylon clip at the other end of the webbing-enclosed leash attaches...
  • Harmony 50 Foot Rescue Throw Bag
    Before you head out for a day on the class III river, check to make sure you've packed the Harmony 50 Foot Rescue Throw Bag in your arsenal of safety gear. The brightly-colored Cordura nylon bag features a quick-detach loop to secure it to your boat, as well as a mesh panel to allow water to...
  • Harmony 70 Foot Rescue Throw Bag
    Your river safety kit is not complete unless it includes the Harmony 70 Foot Rescue Throw Bag. All 70 feet of the floating polyethylene rope are stuffed into a tough Cordura nylon sack, which is equipped with carry handle and quick-detach loop for securing the bag to your boat. Clip it on to your...
  • Harmony Blade Aid Paddle Float
    Give yourself a leg up on climbing back into the boat after a capsize by deploying the Harmony Blade Aid Paddle Float. The float's auto-valve makes single-handed inflation possible; once it's blown up, slip the Blade Aid float over one of your paddle blades, and use the flotation end as leverage...
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