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  • Arc'teryx Procline Carbon Lite Boot
    A true hybrid of the vertical world, the Arc'teryx Procline Carbon Lite Boot combines the climbability of traditional mountaineering boots with the skiability of alpine touring boots. Known for its specialized designs and game-changing innovations, it's no surprise that Arc'teryx's first ski boot...
  • Arc'teryx Procline Lite Boot - Men's
    With the ability to climb like a mountaineering boot and navigate technical ski mountaineering descents, the Arc'teryx Men's Procline Lite Boot is a true hybrid that will move up alpine granite and ice with ease and remain rigid when you're laying turns down a hanging snow field or narrow couloir...
  • Arc'teryx Procline Lite Boot - Women's
    With the ability to climb like a mountaineering boot and navigate technical ski mountaineering descents, the Arc'teryx Women's Procline Lite Boot is a true alpine workhorse that will move up granite-strewn ridges and glacial ice with ease and remain rigid when you're laying turns down a hanging...
  • Atomic Backland Carbon Light Alpine Touring Boot
    Being the lightest offering in Atomic's all-new line of touring-specific boots, the Backland Carbon Light Alpine Touring Boot is for the skier looking to shave ounces from their backcountry setup, while retaining much of the same downhill performance that can be found on stiffer and heavier...
  • Atomic Backland Carbon Alpine Touring Boot
    While some companies dip a toe into the shallow end of the ski-touring pool to see how they like the temperature, Atomic's gone and tossed a giant diving-board cannonball into the deep end with the Backland Carbon Alpine Touring Boot. This is no alpine boot outfitted with tech fittings; it's a...
  • Atomic Backland Alpine Touring Boot
    No, you don't need to make an emergency eye appointment to get your vision checked--the boots that you are now viewing are in fact made by Atomic. You might not have expected a boot of this build to come from Atomic, but the world is full of wonderful surprises and the Atomic Backland Alpine...
  • Atomic Backland AT Boot Stiff Tongue
    The frictionless pivot and soft tongue of your Atomic Backland AT Boots made the uphill a dream, but you're going to want some extra power to drive those big skis through that chute you're staring down. So before you drop in, switch our your stock tongues and attach the Backland AT Boot Stiff...
  • Atomic Backland Alpine Touring Boot - Women's
    Ditch the country club and get out to the backcountry where the crowds are scarce and the powder is plentiful with the Atomic Women's Backland Alpine Touring Boot. With a ridiculously huge cuff rotation, 74-degrees to be exact, the Backland lives for long tours, steep bootpacks, and...
  • Black Diamond Factor Mx 130 Alpine Touring Boot - Men's
    It's not just the hippies. Freeride skiers with their hair ablaze love the freshies, too, so Black Diamond brings you the brand-new Factor Mx 130 Men's Alpine Touring Boot, a hard-driving freeride boot that's light and nimble enough for climbing yet stiff and strong for bombing downhills. It...
  • Black Diamond Shiva Mx 110 Alpine Touring Boot - Women's
    For women who refuse to compromise downhill performance in a touring-capable boot, the Black Diamond Shiva MX 110 Alpine Touring Boot offers big-mountain confidence with full backcountry touring capability. Although it is the women's-specific version of the Factor Mx 130, it is by no means the...
  • Dalbello Sports Lupo T.I. I.D. Ski Touring Boot
    Coming out with totally new stuff every year isn't Dalbello's M. O., because it'd rather work on perfecting what it has rather than trying to reinvent an already awesome wheel. Case in point: the Lupo T. I. I. D. Men's Ski Boot, which is a refined version of the SP I. D. made with lighter...
  • Dalbello Sports Lupo 120 Ski Boot
    Let Dalbello's Lupo 120 Ski Boot help you tromp around those big powdery mountains you call your playground. Designed and ridden by top-level freeriders, the Lupo provides the utmost power and precision for aggressively skiing at any speed down tree lines, big bowls, and virtually any snow...
  • Dalbello Sports Lupo Carbon T.I. Ski Boot
    Light on weight and heavy on freeride performance, Dalbello's Lupo Carbon T. I. Ski Boot is a match made in heaven for any aggressive backcountry tourer. It's incredible that this backcountry boot can provide such a stiff flex of 130 and still allow a massive 67-degree cuff rotation in walk mode....
  • Dynafit Neo PX-CR Boot
    Ditch the long lift lines this winter and get some freshies off the skintrack in the Neo PX-CR Boot from Dynafit. For those wanting a boot that tours extremely well, but still rips the downhills, the medium flex and 102mm last of the Neo PX-CR will be extremely comfortable and plenty strong to go...
  • Dynafit Radical CR Ski Boot - Men's
    When you get the same thrill from the uphill as you do from the down, when being in the mountains to you is about more than counting your vertical feet or logging record times, you need a boot like the Dynafit Men's Radical CR Ski Boot. The Radical doesn't sacrifice performance for anything, and...
  • Dynafit Radical CR Ski Boot - Women's
    You love being in the mountains; you love the feeling of accomplishment during the uphill, the pure beauty of standing at the top, and the adrenaline rush of hard-charging the descent. The Dynafit Women's Radical Ski Boot provides superior comfort and performance for all aspects of the journey....
  • Dynafit TLT6 Mountain CR Ski Boot - Men's
    Dynafit's TLT boots have been the monarch of the fast 'n' light backcountry masses for generations (it seems like that, anyway), but as more manufacturers churn out lightweight and highly skiable touring boots, Dynafit's had to innovate or get caught by the pack. The new TLT6 Mountain CR Ski Boot...
  • Dynafit TLT6 Mountain CR Ski Boot - Women's
    The Dynafit Women's TLT6 Mountain CR Ski Boot may look all cute and nice, but it was built for demanding ascents and mind-bending descents. Borrowing features from Dynafit's more dude-oriented TLT Performance boot, this women-specific version carries with it all the same alpine performance that's...
  • Dynafit Vulcan MS Alpine Touring Boot
    For years, there was a common perception that a boot built to tour uphill couldn't possibly ski well going down. Well, the Vulcan MS Alpine Touring Boot from Dynafit is here to shatter that perception. There are a number of features to love about the Vulcan when in the skintrack, starting with...
  • Dynafit PDG Ski Boot
    If just the thought of a 4 a. m. alarm, your skinsuit, and a morning spent skiing uphill as fast as you can makes you wistful and excited, congrats. While others may not quite understand you, they most certainly respect your ability to enjoy the most difficult parts of Nordic and backcountry...
  • Dynafit TLT7 Performance Ski Boot
    If you're trying to win a 500 race, you need a real fast race car. If you're a speed-focused ascensionist, you need the Dynafit TLT7 Perfomance Ski Boot. After all, the more quickly and efficiently you can power through the uphill, the more laps you can get in on fully charged legs. This new...
  • Dynafit TLT7 Expedition CR - Men's
    You prefer to earn your turns, but that doesn't mean you don't deserve gear with an ultralight touring design. That's why Dynafit made the Men's TLT7 Expedition CR boots. Constructed with a carbon-infused Lambda frame and Grilamid shell, these boots provide exceptional lateral and forward...
  • Dynafit TLT7 Expedition CR Ski Boot - Women's
    You don't wake up at 4:30 a. m. on dark winter days to lollygag, and neither does the Dynafit Women's TLT7 Expedition CR Ski Boot. Traditionally, weight savings and performance in skimo boots have stemmed from removable tongues, walk-mode switches, softer plastics, and other frillery and...
  • Dynafit Beast Ski Boot - Men's
    The Dynafit Men's Beast Ski Boot is packed full of high-tech materials and well-thought features. Lightweight yet stiff, these boots are built for long days in the backcountry when turns are the ultimate goal. The shell is comprised of a combination of Pebax and Grilamid for a slight amount of...
  • Dynafit Beast Ski Boot - Women's
    You never thought you'd see the day when you could enjoy both freeride and touring performance in one boot, but with the Dynafit Women's Beast Ski Boot, that day has arrived. Built for long days in the backcountry when turns are the ultimate goal, this boot is both lightweight and stiff, letting...
  • Dynafit TLT7 Carbonio Boot
    Rumor has it Dynafit made a deal with the devil for the light weight and high performance of the TLT7 Carbonio boot, but that's neither here nor there. What is for sure is that with a total weight around 2lb per boot and a stiff Grilamid and carbon-fiber Lambda shell, the Carbonio's efficiency...
  • Lange XT 130 LV Freetour Ski Boot
    The XT 130 LV Freetour Ski Boot is Lange's stiffest backcountry boot for skiers who appreciate the serene beauty of the backcountry but still desire a hard-charging ride down the mountain. Its 130 flex has the feel that advanced skiers looking for resort-crushing stiffness want. The 2. 0 Ski/Hike...
  • Lange XT 130 Freetour Ski Boot
    The XT 130 Freetour Ski Boot is Lange's stiffest for skiers who appreciate backcountry's serene beauty but still desire a hard-charging ride back down to the car. Its 130 flex serves the performance that intermediate to advanced skiers look for, or skiers on the heavier side. Its mono-injected...
  • Fischer Transalp Vacuum TS Lite Alpine Touring Boot
    Comfortable, mobile, and reasonably skiable touring boots aren't big news anymore, but just because something's been around for a while doesn't mean it can't be improved. Heat-moldable liners are pretty much standard issue these days, but Fischer's Transalp Vacuum TS Lite Alpine Touring Boot...
  • Fischer Transalp Vacuum TS Alpine Touring Boot
    Touring-specific boots are a big deal nowadays, and while they're markedly better than they were five or six years ago, the improvement doesn't show many signs of slowing down. Fischer's Transalp Vacuum TS Alpine Touring Boot takes tech boots to the next level with its heat-moldable shell, which...
  • Fischer Transalp TS Vacuum Alpine Touring Boot - Women's
    Ski gear is becoming ever-more customizable, but there still aren't many boots that can match Fischer's Transalp TS Vacuum Women's Touring Boot when it comes to full personalization. Just about every shoe comes with a heat-moldable liner--the Transalp's Thermoshape Tour lace-up liner is no...
  • Fischer Travers Carbon Alpine Touring Boot
    While Fischer's Travers Carbon Alpine Touring Boot may appear as though it gleans its name from the word "traverse," it's in fact a blend of the word "versatile" and "Transalp," which happens to be the name of Fischer's famed and dependable skimo planks. So, as its verbal denomination suggests,...
  • Hagan Ski Mountaineering Core TF Alpine Touring Boot
    Light is right and oh so nice, but it's also fun to be able to ride your skis as hard as you ride the mechanical bull at your favorite western-themed bar. The Hagan Ski Mountaineering Core TF Alpine Touring Boot, hovering around a feathery 2. 5lb per boot, gives rando-specific boots a good run...
  • K2 Pinnacle 130 Alpine Touring Boot - Men's
    Unwilling to sacrifice performance on the descent, you've resisted the allure of boots with a walk mode for years, but your legs have paid the price on the skintrack, you've been passed more than a few times, and been forced to ski sloppy seconds when you could have cut a totally clean line down...
  • K2 Pinnacle 130 LV Alpine Touring Boot - Men's
    Your days of squeezing into a skin suit and cramming your feet into a pair of plugged race boots may be long gone, but that doesn't mean you want to ski a couple of rando noodles when you venture into the backcountry. K2 understands your plight, so it built the Men's Pinnacle 130 LV Alpine...
  • K2 Pinnacle 110 HV Alpine Touring Boot - Men's
    Powder is a rare commodity, so when it finally does blanket the mountains, you need to be ready spin laps in bounds and then head to the backcountry to get fresh tracks once the resort's played out. The K2 Men's Pinnacle 110 HV Alpine Touring Boot will ski well both in bounds and out, thanks to...
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