Kids' Ski Helmets

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  • Salomon Kiana Helmet - Kids'
    The skate-inspired design of the Salomon Kids' Kiana Helmet has newschoolers tearing up the slopes in style. More importantly, though, the Kiana provides safety and comfort, and its adjustable fit system provides multiple seasons of use. Salomon gave this helmet all of the features it needs to be...
  • Marker Kent Helmet - Kids'
    At 295 grams, the Kids' Kent Helmet is Marker's lightest-weight dome-protector. But it's no lightweight on protection; In-mold construction ensures a high level of impact-protection due to the combination of a polycarbonate outer shell and EPS foam inside. The RTS youth fit system allows easy,...
  • POC POCito Skull Helmet - Kids'
    The continuously adjustable, high visibility, and child-specific POCito Kid's Helmet represents an unprecedented development in youth head protection on the ski hill. POC started with their adult racing helmets as a template and gave this helmet a softer lining with better shock absorption for...
  • POC POCito Fornix Helmet - Kids'
    The POC Kids' POCito Fornix Helmet takes all the technical and safety features of the award-winning adult Fornix ski helmet and makes them pint-sized. POC molded aramid bridges to the core of the helmet to make the helmet both lightweight and structurally stable, and since the tensile strength of...
  • POC POCito Skull Light Helmet - Kids'
    The POC Kids' POCito Light Helmet was designed for smaller heads that require premium comfort and ample visibility and protection at the mountain. Soft ear pads reduce the overall weight of the Light version of the POCito without sacrificing the overall protective value of this winter lid. POC...
  • Quiksilver Game Pack Helmet and Goggle - Kids'
    Game Pack Helmet and Goggle - Kids'
  • Roxy Misty Girl Helmet and Goggle Pack - Girls'
    With a little help from the Roxy Girls' Misty Girl Helmet and Goggle Pack, not only does your pint-sized ripper stay well protected, but the two of you get more bang for your buck. The Misty features a classic, in-mold helmet construction that offers just-enough protection, without making her...
  • Salomon Grom Helmet - Kids'
    The Salomon Kids' Grom Helmet is so lightweight that your kid won't even notice it's there as she tears up the mountain. With a breathable airflow system and removable liner and ear pads, this helmet is just as comfortable as it is stylish. This helmet is also equipped with a custom dial sizing...
  • Salomon Kiana Helmet - Kids'
    The skate-inspired design of the Salomon Kids' Kiana Helmet has newschoolers tearing up the slopes in style. More importantly, though, the Kiana provides safety and comfort, and its adjustable fit system provides multiple seasons of use. Salomon gave this helmet all of the features it needs to be...
  • Salomon Jib Ski Helmet - Kids'
    Crafted with a broad sizing system and super skate style, the Salomon Kids' Jib Jr Ski Helmet offers comfy protection that even your little ripper will find super rad. Lightweight, half-shell construction provides safety-approved head shelter for your kid, whether in the pipe, park, or using...
  • K2 Entity Helmet - Kids'
    Your kid might be fearless in the terrain park, but you know that his or her developing brain is still fragile, so make sure he or she is suited up in the K2 Kids' Entity Helmet. Hard-Shell construction features lightweight EPS foam bonded to an ABS shell for durable protection. Passive-Channel...
  • Sandbox Legend Snow Helmet - Kids'
    Help your lil' shredder join the ranks of the greats, and keep him or her safe along the way with the Kids' Legend Snow Helmet from Sandbox. A Hard Core ABS plastic shell helps to fend off tree branches and snowballs from friends, while the EPS impact foam liner makes things comfy and snug....
  • Sandbox Classic Snow Helmet - Kids'
    When your kids hit the slopes this season, make sure they're protected with the Classic Snow Helmet from Sandbox. A Hard Core EPS foam liner helps distribute shocks and disperse impacts, so your kid's egg doesn't get scrambled, and the Grow With Me fit pads mean the Classic Snow won't be a...
  • Sweet Protection Blaster Helmet - Kids'
    Your kid's brain is still developing, so keep it safe on the slopes with the Sweet Protection Kids' Blaster Helmet. A downsized version of the adult model, the Kids' Blaster offers the same lightweight and low-profile protection as the grown-up Blaster, and it meets the highest safety standards...
  • Smith Pivot Junior MIPS Helmet - Kids'
    When your snowy daredevil doesn't know the meaning of fear on the mountain, the Smith Kids Pivot Junior MIPS Helmet is built to keep his head safe, stunt after stunt. The Bombshell PLUS construction and multi-impact EPP liner are separated by the MIPS Brain Protection System, which is a...
  • Smith Pivot Junior Helmet - Kids'
    He studied all week to ski this weekend, and the Smith Kids' Pivot Junior Helmet helps him remember everything after he hits his head on ice. With a Bombshell Plus construction and a multi-impact EPP liner, the Pivot offers longer-lasting protection than most helmets. Its AirEvac 2 ventilation...
  • Smith Gage Junior Helmet - Kids'
    Your ankle-biter is always moving 100 miles per hour, whether he's on skis, a snowboard, or a bike, but you can keep his noggin safe during all his high-speed activities with the Smith Gage Junior Kids' Helmet. The Bombshell ABS shell and EPS foam lining are fully certified for snowsports and...
  • Smith Holt Jr. Helmet - Kids'
    If your little ripper disappears into the park every time you ski together, get the Smith Kids' Holt Jr. Helmet to protect your grom's law school-worthy mind. The Bombshell ABS hard shell and molded EPS foam liner are what you want in between your kid's noggin and a steel rail, and the...
  • Smith Zoom Jr. Helmet - Kids'
    Consider Smith's Zoom Jr. Helmet the fairy godmother to your little shredding snowfluff's noggin. Ideal for your pint-sized cruiser, this ultralight low-profile helmet protects and deflects the impact of slushy tumble rolls, hurtling snow trolls, and the occasional hungry tree-dinosaur. Easy to...
  • Smith Zoom Jr. Helmet/Sidekick Goggle Combo - Kids'
    A helmet without goggles is like peanut butter without jelly, and the Smith Kids' Zoom Jr. Helmet/Sidekick Goggle Combo is like one of those containers with the PB&J all swirled together--it's the whole package. The Zoom Jr. is a lightweight, fully-certified snow helmet with EPS impact foam, a...
  • Bern Bristow Jr. Helmet - Girls'
    Bristow Jr. Helmet - Girls'
  • Anon Define Helmet - Kids'
    By definition, kids are wild-things who have a strong appreciation for adventure, make more messes than imaginable, and, of course, fall down quite a bit. In the Anon Define Helmet for Kids, your little rabble-rouser bounces back quicker than a helical spring cascades down a set of stairs. Built...
  • Anon Burner Helmet - Kids'
    Whether they're tearing up ice tracks on a green circle or burning down the house on a blue square, your little adventurer covers a lot of territory on those shredder-days, so keep their noggin covered with Anon's Burner Helmet for Kids. Crafted with your little bairn in mind, this...
  • Anon Scout Helmet - Kids'
    Just give in to it, encourage it, welcome it. Your kid is going to be a park rat, but at least a good one. The Anon Scout Kids' Helmet will keep his noggin' protected so he can hone his craft and you can be at ease. The Endura-Shell two-piece construction features an injection-molded ABS exterior...
  • Bern Diablo EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Kids'
    Get rid of any worries when you send your kid out to the slopes this winter with the Bern Kids' Diablo EPS Thin Shell Helmet. This helmet features an EPS thin shell outer, so it's nice and lightweight, but still protects against impacts like a champ. Inside is an EPS hard foam designed to take a...
  • Bern Diabla EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Kids'
    Your kid may be an angel at home and school, but on the mountain she rides like she's been possessed. Protect those speed-possessed brains of hers with the Bern Kids' Diabla EPS Thin Shell Helmet. The lightweight ABS shell is lined with a single-impact EPS hard foam that absorbs the impact from...
  • Bern Bandita EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Girls'
    Okay, so most young women can attest to the fact that just simply being a tweenaged gal is perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of growing into your own skin--so it's no surprise that (per Mom's request) finding the right ski or snowboard helmet can feel really infuriating. However, the Bern...
  • Bern Camino Zipmold Helmet - Boys'
    Whether he's on a bike or a board while flying through the air, the Bern Boys' Camino Zipmold Helmet keeps his noggin safe from spills in a lightweight, comfortable design. Zipmold hard foam provides a lighter design without sacrificing protective functionality, and the thinner shell with a...
  • Bern Camina Zipmold Helmet - Girls'
    Your little cruiser is more fun-sized than small, so it's no wonder she adores the Bern Girls' Camina Zipmold Helmet. This modern helmet is designed with durable Zipmold hard impact foam and an adjustable chin strap, which means your mini snow shredder has tough protection all season long.
  • Bern Weston Jr. Helmet - Boys'
    Weston Jr. Helmet - Boys'
  • Anon Rime Helmet - Kids'
    Woah, a helmet with great protection capabilities and good looks' What is this, the future' The Anon Kids' Rime Helmet gives your little shredder the superior safety capabilities that you want while giving them the cool looks that they want. Anon knows that the Rime won't only be protecting your...
  • Bern Diablo EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Kids'
    Between winter days on the slopes and summer nights on bikes and skateboards, your kid never slows down. When he's wearing the Bern Diablo EPS Thin Shell, you won't have to worry so much about his noggin on the snow and pavement he rips up year round. Designed with skate style in mind, Bern's EPS...
  • Bern Diabla EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Kids'
    When your little ripper takes off at Mach 7, all you can do is cross your fingers, get out the camera, and trust in the safety gear you've given her. Protect your kid's melon for all four seasons with the Bern Kids' Diabla EPS Thin Shell Helmet. With removable earpads and customizable ventilation...
  • Bern Bandito EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Boys'
    Even if your junior ripper doesn't appreciate style now, he'll thank you when he gets older and it's time to show his new girlfriend pics of him growing up. Bern helmets are known for their low-profile good looks and ample protection, and the Bandito Kids' Helmet is no exception. The Bandito...
  • Giro Nine Jr. Helmet - Kids'
    Giro spent more years working on the Kids' Nine Jr. Ski Helmet than your grom has been alive. In-mold construction fuses a tough shell with an impact-absorbing foam liner for an ideal blend of safety and comfort. The In Form fit system utilizes a glove-friendly toggle at the back to ensure a...
  • Giro Nine MIPS Helmet - Kids'
    Turning your kid loose at the ski resort can be a troubling prospect, but at least you'll be able to ski easy knowing that his or her melon is properly protected when you put it in the Giro Kids' Nine Mips Helmet. Combining Giro's light, yet strong in-mold construction with the MIPS brain...
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