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  • Moment Sierra Ski - Women's
    If you're looking for a spunky and fun one-ski quiver, the Moment Women's Sierra Ski is just your style. This all-mountain slayer rocks from coast to coast, and it sports Moment's Triple Camber profile, which is a weird look at first but'll win you over with its performance after your first few...
  • Rossignol Temptation 84 Ski - Women's
    If you've ever looked down that black diamond run and felt like your skis were holding you back from going for it, then step on the Rossignol Women's Temptation 84 Skis and point em' down with full confidence in your equipment. With a fun, easy-to-ski feel, the Temptation 84 sports a versatile...
  • Rossignol Star 7 Ski - Women's
    When you strap on the Rossignol Women's Star 7 Ski, it's as if the entire spectrum of skiing (backcountry, freestyle, freeride) just opened up. This fatty has a 116-millimeter waist, plenty of girth for powering through the very deep or the very steep, or for landing big drops. For a ski this...
  • Rossignol Temptation 100 Ski - Women's
    If you spend your time on the west coast, mobbing through day-old powder, ripping steep lines, and charging the occasional groomer, you'll fall head over heels with the Rossignol Temptation 100 Women's Ski. It's an all-mountain crusher, to be sure, but at 100mm underfoot, it's bigger than a lot...
  • Nordica Santa Ana 93 Ski - Women's
    Santa Ana 93 Ski - Women's
  • Nordica Santa Ana Ski - Women's
    Finding a ski that's both light and maneuverable off-piste, but incredibly damp on the hardpack is a tough bill to filla"add a Women's specific flex and core to the equation, and, well, you might be on something of a unicorn hunt. But don't put that saddle away just yet, because the Nordica Women...
  • Nordica La Nina Ski - Women's
    Como se dice, "rippin' pow ski that likes to tear up the whole hill from the first bell to the last'" Our Spanish is pretty rudimentary, but we're pretty sure the answer is "Nordica La Nina". Equal parts light and powerful, sturdy and playful, the La Nina Women's Ski is a fairly fat--113mm...
  • Nordica Belle 88 Ski - Women's
    A good day is in store whenever you hit the resort with the Nordica Women's Belle 88 Ski. This all-mountain ski is the widest in Nordica's women-specific Belle collection, and it rides softer snow as well as firm groomers. It has a high camber to give you extra bounce and edge control as you...
  • Movement Skis Super Turbo Evo Ski - Women's
    Built for the steep and deep, the Movement Women's Super Turbo Evo Ski is a big mountain bruiser with a lady-specific design. With 115mm underfoot, 144 in the tip, and 129 in the tail, you aren't going to feel a lack of float when that storm of the season finally rolls through. The rockered tip...
  • Moment Bella Ski - Women's
    At 107mm underfoot, the Moment Bella Women's Ski craves fluffy pow, face shots, and storm days, but it's comfortable enough hammering out turns in leftover chop and less-than-perfect conditions too. Per the request of hard-charging lady shredders, Moment altered the Bella to feature a full rocker...
  • Rossignol Temptation 100 Ski - Women's
    If you spend the majority of your time west of the Rockies, mobbing through day-old powder, ripping steep lines, and charging the occasional groomer, you'll fall head over heels for the Rossignol Temptation 100 Women's Ski. It's an all-mountain cruiser, but with a versatile 100mm waist width, it...
  • Moment Hot Mess Ski - Women's
    The Moment Hot Mess Women's Ski should come with a bib, because things are guaranteed to get a little messy when you're slicing and dicing hardpack, snacking on crud on chunder, and stuffing your face with boot-top powder. This year, Moment fattened it up a little so you can feast on an even...
  • Line Pandora 95 Ski - Women's
    Whether it snowed a foot overnight or the conditions are less than prime, the Line Women's Pandora 95 Ski is designed to be your go-to for the resort. This moderately sized all-mountain ripper will gobble down freshies, blast through chop, and rail down groomers with speed. Styling a 95 mm...
  • Line Pandora Ski - Women's
    Skiing is all about having fun, so you better hurry up and eat your shreddies, because you're about to be charging a whole lot of vert on the Line Women's Pandora Skis. As Line's premier powder plank, the Pandora is built to surf the deep stuff, yet still rides firmer snow after the mountain gets...
  • Liberty Genesis Ski - Women's
    If you're a hard-charging, powder-loving, big-mountain devouring kind of girl, reach for the Liberty Women's Genesis Ski the next time a big storm blankets your home mountain with over a foot of fresh pow. Its 116mm waist and playful tip and tail rocker give you effortless float and surfy...
  • Liberty Envy Ski - Women's
    When your ski day will likely consist of fluffy powder in the morning and choppy crud in the afternoon, throw the Liberty Women's Envy Ski on your car and hit the resort. A 105mm waist and a cambered midsection means the Envy will carve and float you through any snow condition. The Stealth rocker...
  • K2 MissConduct Ski - Women's
    The K2 Women's MissConduct Ski stomps landings, glides through the halfpipe, and slides rails like a criminal. And on those days when the park is too crowded, this trouble maker isn't afraid to throw down all over the mountain.The MissConduct is a great choice for skiers of all levels due to a...
  • K2 Remedy 112 Ski - Women's
    The K2 Women's Remedy 112 Ski is the widest ski in K2's women-specific line, so it can handle powder, but it won't shy away from mixed snow or the occasional groomer, either. Built from the ground up for ladies who like to rip, the Remedy's not just a guy's ski that's been renamed and given...
  • K2 FulLUVit 95 Ski - Women's
    The good times don't have to end with the smooth-flexing and lightweight K2 Fulluvit 98 Ti Ski on your feet. Rail down groomers, charge through crud, and blast down tight chutes and tree lines with this versatile all-mountain plank. Then do it again the next day thanks to its lightweight core...
  • K2 Luv Boat 105 Ski - Women's
    They say there are no friends on a pow day, but the same can be said for lovers-- because, let's be honest, we all know you only have eyes for your K2 Women's Luv Boat 108 Skis when the powder is plentiful and the mountain is serving up free refills all day. Being the widest offering in K2's...
  • Scott The Ski - Women's
    Thanks to popular demand, Scott whipped up The Ski Women's with lady rippers in mind. Designed with sandwich construction, a full-length wood core, and a Pro-Tip Rocker profile, this all-mountain gem is stiff, energetic, flexy-fun, and ready for any terrain you can throw at it. The 3Dimension...
  • Volkl Yumi Ski - Women's
    Whether you're craving corduroy, got a hankering for hardpack, or curious as to whether or not trees sound, well, tasty, step into the Volkl Yumi Women's Ski and go get your fill at the all-mountain buffet. Falling on the frontside end of Volkl's women's freeski spectrum, the Yumi's an...
  • Volkl Kenja Ski - Women's
    The Volkl Kenja Women's Ski is a fun-loving, all-mountain ski that indulges in the occasional pow and relishes ripping down front side groomers, no matter how many diamonds are on the trail sign. A skinnier version of the more powder-hungry Aura, the Kenja checks in at 90mm underfoot, making it...
  • Volkl Aura Ski - Women's
    There's something about riding the lift that really brings out the best, or worst, in people. So when those bro-brahs start running their mouth, you know exactly how to show those wanna-be hotshots what's up when you're strapped into the Volkl Women's Aura Ski. This rippin' pow ski is made for...
  • Volkl 90Eight Ski - Women's
    Yeah, you've heard it all before: the unwavering promises of versatility, but nine times out of ten those do-it-all skis simply come up short--until now that is. Say hello to coldsmoke and goodbye to the mirrors with a little help from the Volkl Women's 90Eight Ski. Touting a design that's...
  • Volkl 100Eight Ski - Women's
    What do you imagine when you think of an all-mountain freeride ski' About 105mm underfoot, maybe, with flat or traditional camber underfoot, a gently rockered tip, probably a sheet of metal somewhere, and a flat tail to help you rail turns like a locomotive, right' That's all accurate, unless you...
  • Volkl One Ski - Women's
    Charging hard, well it's not a gender thing. It's a powder-loving, sweeping turns, and endless hoots-and-hollers kind of thing. So when push comes to shove, reach for the Volkl One Women's Ski: a powder-hounding, big-mountain devouring tool that can hold its own just about anywhere on the...
  • Volkl Flair SC UVO with Xmotion 11.0 TCX D Binding - Women's
    It's a bluebird day and your royal corduroy carpet has been rolled out in front of you, so zip down the snow on the Volkl Flair SC UVO with xMotion 11. 0 TCX D Binding. With a 72mm waist and zippy, short turn radius, the Flair excels at making nimble, tight, playful turns on groomers or packed...
  • Volkl Allura Ski with iPT eMotion 11.0 TC Binding - Women's
    Light and lively but with loads of carving power, the Volkl Allura Women's Ski makes the groomers your personal playground. It features most of the usual tricks, like edgy camber underfoot, a smooth, easy-turning rocker in the tip, and a light steel laminate for stability at speed, but the Allura...
  • Scott Punisher 95 Ski - Women's
    The Scott Punisher 95 Women's Ski was engineered for the dedicated lady shredder that isn't looking for some lame, watered-down, floppy-noodle ski--but what use is a powerful ski if it doesn't come in lengths fit for gals' With the same sandwich construction and energetic, full ski length wood...
  • K2 Luv Sick 80Ti Ski - Women's
    If your last pair of skis broke your heart (or just broke), there's no need to keep suffering, because K2's Luv Sick 80 Ti Ski will heal those wounds in one run. They're a strong, agile, and versatile companion on smooth and sunny groomers, chopped-up storm snow, and boot-top powder, with a...
  • Scott Luna Ski - Women's
    If you wanted to stop every two minutes to chew the fat, you would've taken up golf. The way you see it, if people want to stop to take a break, then they can do it at the base. But you have a mountain to ski and a need for speed, and that is why you ski the Scott Women's Luna Ski when it's a hot...
  • Salomon QST Lux 92 Ski - Women's
    The Salomon Women's QST 92 Ski will be your go-to whether you're railing groomers first thing in the morning or exploring some new terrain days after the last storm. With a 92mm waist width, this all-mountain ski cuts crud and chop with ease, but still rolls from edge to edge like a champ. Its...
  • Salomon QST Lumen 99 Ski - Women's
    Your search for the ideal one-ski quiver ends with the Salomon QST Lumen 99 Ski. With a 99mm waist, this all-mountain slayer skis freshies and hardpack with equal prowess. Its All-Terrain Rocker 2. 0 profile lives up to its all-terrain status, with camber underfoot that ensures excellent edge...
  • Salomon QST Stella 106 Ski - Women's
    Like you, the Salomon Women's QST Stella 106 Ski craves powder, but it can still handle its own when you're forced to ski groomers when everything's tracked out. Given its 106mm waist width, this QST undoubtedly hovers over the sweet soft stuff with ease, and a Twin Rocker profile only enhances...
  • Rossignol Sky 7 HD Ski - Women's
    While making out with the Rossignol Women's Sky 7 HD Ski may appear awkward to all the other skiers on the chairlift, it certainly is an understandable expression to anyone who's ever ridden this incredibly versatile ski. Originally called the Sin in the ever-popular 7 Series, Rossignol most...
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