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Ski Wax

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  • Toko Basic Hot Wax Kit
    Toko's Basic Hot Wax Kit might be basic, but it's everything you need to keep your skis slick and smooth throughout the season, which is really all you need. Included are three different waxes that you can use from fall to spring, depending on the temperature. This kit also includes a cleaning...
  • Toko Nordic Glide Wax Kit
    Keep your Nordic skis gliding as smoothly as possible with the Toko Nordic Glide Wax Kit. This kit includes everything you need to keep your skis sliding as smoothly as the day you bought them. It includes three 40g bars of Toko's non fluoro hot waxes, a brush, scraper, and a zippered pouch to...
  • Toko Express Alpine Kit
    Just the ticket to on-mountain edge tuning and wax application, the Toko Express Alpine Kit contains everything you need to smooth-out rough edges, re-sharpen your edges, and apply a fresh coat of wax. This kit comes with Toko's Express Tuner Kit and Express Pocket universal liquid wax, as well...
  • Toko JetStream Bloc 2.0
    The Toko JetStream Bloc 2. 0 is a Top Finish rub-on wax for racing and competitive use. This insanely fast wax easily rubs on with a cork, giving you phenomenal acceleration and higher final speed when you're racing or riding competitively.
  • Toko HF Hot Wax
    The Toko HF Hot Wax is a top-choice of World Cup racers, providing the high fluorine content needed for maximum water and dirt repellency. This highly fluorinated racing wax has Fluorine Dibloc, which acts as a bonding agent with Toko Top Finish products. Note that the Black wax is best as a base...
  • Toko All-in-One Wax Kit
    Bringing your skis in to the shop every time they need a wax job is a waste of money. With the Toko All-In-One Wax Kit, you can do the job on your own, and the kit will pay for itself in just three or four uses. It has everything you need to turn your boards lightning fast--an...
  • Toko NF Wax Kit
    Toko's NF Wax Kit includes everything you need to get your skis or snowboard back to speedy shape. The three cases of Non Fluoro Hot Wax ready you for every snowy condition and any temperature you'll come across this season.
  • Swix I84 Fluor Glide Wax Cleaner
    I84 Fluor Glide Wax Cleaner
  • Swix Universal Klister
    Universal Klister
  • Swix KX Klister Wax
    KX Klister Wax
  • Swix Alpine Touring Kit
    Alpine Touring Kit
  • Swix Grip and Glide Kit
    Featuring Swix's CH7 Violet and CH8 Red gliders and its V40 Blue Extra and V60 Red and Silver hard waxes, the five-piece Swix Grip and Glide kit is designed to keep your ski bases in tip-top shape this winter. What's the fifth piece, you ask' That would be the synthetic cork for even coating and...
  • Toko Backcountry Tune, Skin, and Wax Kit
    Before you head for the backcountry (or the frontcountry, for that matter) make sure your skis are slidin' and your skins are glidin' with the Backcountry Tune, Skin, and Wax Kit from Toko. It comes complete with Toko's edge tuner, which can be set to angles between 85 and 90 degrees and has a...
  • Toko Nordic Klister Spray Wax
    Put a little pep in your step on the nordic track with Toko Nordic KlisterSpray Wax. The convenient spray container allows for quick and even application.
  • Toko Express Pocket INT Universal Liquid Fluoro Wax
    Toko designed the Express Pocket INT Universal Liquid Fluoro Wax to be quick and easy to apply for those times when you need to wax on the go.
  • Toko All-In-One Hot Wax
    If you're into hot waxing your skis, but don't want to hassle with matching your wax with varying snow temperatures, the Toko All-In-One Wax gets your skis or snowboard running in any snow condition. This HydroCarbon wax is a do-it-all paraffin based wax that easily absorbs into your bases. The...
  • Toko NF Hot Box and Cleaning Wax
    NF Hot Box and Cleaning Wax
  • Toko NF Hot Wax
    NF Hot Wax
  • Toko LF Hot Wax
    Toko's Dibloc LF Hot Wax is a lightly fluorinated wax will give you the acceleration and glide to clear the transition, cut a few seconds off your race time, or just beat your friends down to the bottom of the lift. Use the yellow in all snow conditions across the recommended temperature range...
  • Toko Nordic GripSpray
    The Toko Nordic GripSprays make classic waxing much faster and easier than waxing with klister tubes or hard kick wax. Different colors suit different snow conditions and allow you to adapt to your cross-country environment with the simple spray of a can. GripSprays are durable, adhesive, and...
  • Toko Nordic Klister Wax
    Whether the trail is warm, glazed, or icy, reach for your Toko Nordic Klister Wax and get the grip you need. A variety of temperature ranges to choose from lets you dial in the right grip to match the conditions.
  • Toko Nordic Grip Wax
    You spend less time prepping your skis and more time gliding over the peaceful trails once you start using the Toko Nordic Grip Wax. The Bluesign approved material, which means it's going in the right direction environmentally, improves your skis' glide after you select the right color for your...
  • Toko Wax Remover HC3
    Apply the Toko Wax Remover HC3 to your base and clear away the last wax layer and any other residues before you fossilize the late-spring dirt into your base with a fresh layer of wax. Don't let the mud- and grass-filled snow that you rode at the end of last season has come back to haunt you;...
  • Toko Irox Spray Wax
    Simplify your base tuning regimen when you use the Toko Irox Spray Wax, which acts just like traditional hot wax, but without the need to melt or scrape it. The spray-on feature allows an even coat and shortens tuning time when you want to go to the spontaneous storm party instead of spending all...
  • Toko Grip & Glide Pocket Universal Liquid Wax
    When the trusty wax-less fish scales are running slow pull the Toko Grip & Glide Pocket Universal Liquid Wax out and speed 'em up. Simple to use, and good for all temperature ranges, the sponge applicable Toko liquid wax will keep your skis sliding--and it will help prevent snow pack in the...
  • Toko Grip & Glide INT Universal Wax
    Take on those rolling hills with Toko's Grip & Glide INT Universal Wax. This spray-on wax provides grip for your kick and glide for your stride so you can ski with greater confidence and use less energy. Its universal temperature range makes it great for use in a wide variety of conditions, and...
  • Swix Nordic Easy Glide Liquid
    Waxless skis deserve your love, too, and you can give it to them in the form of Swix Nordic Easy Glide Liquid. Use the integrated sponge applicator to smooth out your ride this winter.
  • Swix F4 Universal Glide Wax
    Swix F4 Paste Glide Wax just might save your day. When new snow flies or spring conditions have you moving slow, pull the tin out of your pack, and rub it on with the included sponge. The Paste Glide Wax comes in an easy-to-carry tin, so you can rub it on and polish at home, before a rope drop,...
  • OneBallJay Pit Stop Kit
    Perfect for making adjustments or repairs in the resort parking lot or in the backcountry, the OneBallJay Pit Stop Kit includes quick tuning basics such rub-on wax, a screwdriver, and an edge sharpener. Plus, it comes with instructions so you know exactly what you're doing.
  • OneBallJay 4WD Wax
    Tune your board with One Ball Jay's 4WD Wax and kill it on just about any snow condition. 4WD is One Ball Jay's most popular wax and we can see why. Its pure hydrocarbon wax is fast and inexpensive. With four choices to match any temperature, this One Ball Jay wax makes it easy to get your stick...
  • OneBallJay BioGreen Citrus Base Cleaner
    For some reason, you're obsessed with waxing your board. Probably because you despise going slow. But instead of coating your board over and over and over again, use the OneBallJay BioGreen Citrus Base Cleaner to strip old wax with ease, and put on that new fine layer of super-fast wax. Bio-Green...
  • Demon Snow Season Pass Wax Kit 110
    Season Pass Wax Kit 110
  • Demon United Mini Wax Iron 110
    Your mom is pissed. She just doesn't understand the importance of having a fresh coat of wax on your board before you hit the slopes. Either way, she just waterproofed your dad's favorite dress shirt because you used her iron to wax your board. This wouldn't be a problem if you had the Mini Wax...
  • Demon United Wax
    You have to take care of your boards if you want them to take care of you. Demon Snow Wax keeps your babies fast so you don't have to worry about getting shown up in the park by some kook in a foam dreadlock hat.
  • Demon United Speed Paste Puck
    Go ahead, say 'bwahahahaha'. That jackass at the bottom of the lift picked the wrong rider to mess with when he decided he wanted to race you. Pop the Demon Speed Paste out of your pocket and give your ride a once-over to ensure victory. Just rub it on, let it dry, and wipe it off.
  • DAKINE Mountain Fresh Multi Wax - 3oz
    Lube up your board to lightning-fast speeds with the Dakine Mountain Fresh Multi Wax straight from the Rockies. Just, please, don't try to drink it.
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