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Snowboard Bindings

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  • Arbor Hemlock Snowboard Binding
    In classic Arbor form, when they decided to jump into the binding game, they made sure to pull out all of the stops. Such commitment to their product is evident in the freestyle, all-mountain-friendly design of the Hemlock Snowboard Binding. Cushioned protection, asymmetric highbacks, and a soft...
  • Arbor Cypress Snowboard Binding
    Newly launched for this season, the Arbor Cypress Snowboard Binding represents Arbor's dedication to premium performance and uncompromising quality. The Cypress is Arbor's go-to choice for freeriding, excelling at slashing through trees, slaying steep chutes, and cruising all over the mountain....
  • Bent Metal Logic Snowboard Binding
    The binding of choice for the always innovative and stylish Ted Borland, the Bent Metal Logic Snowboard Binding offers a softer flex for riders who like to get loose in the park while still providing the precise edge control desired for laying into carves and spinning off jumps. The most notable...
  • Bent Metal Transfer Snowboard Binding
    Morning pow runs through the trees, park laps after lunch, and high-speed groomers in late afternoon is just another day in the life of the Bent Metal Transfer Snowboard Binding. This responsive binding provides a nimble feel whether you're weaving between park features or throwing up pow slashes...
  • Bent Metal Solution Snowboard Binding
    Built for aggressive riders who take on challenging terrain on the daily, the Bent Metal Solution Snowboard Binding delivers power and precision to help you put down the line of a lifetime. An innovative baseplate design gives the Solution the edge control and lightning-quick response needed when...
  • Bent Metal Flex Control Drive Plates
    The defining feature of Bent Metal's new line of bindings is the interchangeable Flex Control Drive Plates. These are essentially the footbed and bottom of the baseplates, and there are three different options that each offer a different ride, meaning you can switch up the feel of your bindings...
  • Burton X-Base Re:Flex Snowboard Binding
    Several Burlington locals have reported bright flashes and maniacal laughter emanating from the Burton R&D lab late at night over the past year. Many speculate that it was Burton's mad scientists working on the X-Base Re:Flex Snowboard Binding. While we can't confirm that, we can tell you the...
  • Burton X-Base EST Snowboard Binding
    We're not sure if the folks at Burton used hard work and innovation to design the X-Base EST Snowboard Binding, or if they just sold their souls to the devil, but this light-as-a-feather binding incorporates space-age materials and a leave-the-fluff-behind EST baseplate to roll out a responsive,...
  • Burton Genesis X Re:Flex Snowboard Binding
    The Burton Genesis X Re:Flex Snowboard Binding is based on the top-shelf Genesis, but features a carbon-infused baseplate that cranks up the response and stiffness for hard-charging riders who demand precision and power for their big mountain pursuits. The canted Zero-Lean highback uses a...
  • Burton Genesis X EST Snowboard Binding
    The Burton Genesis X EST Snowboard Binding takes the groundbreaking tech and comfort-enhancing design of the original Genesis and cranks up the stiffness to satisfy freeride fiends. The carbon-infused baseplate amps up energy transfer for instant response when you're slashing pow in the trees,...
  • Burton Genesis Re:Flex Snowboard Binding
    The Genesis Re:Flex Snowboard Binding was designed with the goal of creating the most comfortable binding ever, while still retaining the power needed to satisfy the needs of Burton's team riders. Unquestionably a success, the Genesis combines anatomical design with suspension technology to...
  • Burton Genesis EST Snowboard Binding
    Setting out to create the most responsive and comfortable binding ever built, the mad scientists at Burton gave life to the Genesis EST Snowboard Binding (whether or not their experiments were done with the help of lightning and a hunch-backed assistant remain unclear). It combines anatomical...
  • Burton Malavita Re:Flex Snowboard Binding
    With its freestyle-focused design and comfort-enhancing features, it's little wonder that the Malavita Re:Flex Snowboard Binding has become the go-to choice for Burton team riders Mark McMorris, Danny Davis, and Zak Hale. Like a luxury sports car, it uses top-end tech to deliver the perfect...
  • Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Binding
    Setting the bar in freestyle performance and all-day comfort, the Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Binding is a go-to choice for team riders Zak Hale, Mark, McMorris, and Danny Davis. Top-shelf tech, a versatile flex, and a supremely comfortable fit make for a binding that slays everything from...
  • Burton Cartel EST Snowboard Binding
    Trusted by pros and Joes alike, the legendary Burton Cartel EST Snowboard Binding delivers proven performance on everything from high-speed heli runs and slopestyle courses to urban handrails and wide-open groomers. Perfected over many years, it delivers ramped-up response, fine-tuned flex, and...
  • Burton Cartel Re:Flex Snowboard Binding
    From freshly frosted tree runs to towering jump lines, crush the entire mountain with the dialed-in fit and smooth underfoot feel of the Burton Cartel Re:Flex Snowboard Binding. This medium-flexing binding offers a responsive feel that's ideal for shredding anything on the mountain. So go ahead,...
  • Burton Mission EST Snowboard Binding
    The Burton Mission EST Snowboard Binding has been embraced by legions of riders for over a decade, and after just one lap with it you'll understand why. It has a responsive flex, cushy feel, and seamless board connection for a comfortable ride that shreds hard anywhere on the mountain. The canted...
  • Burton Mission Re:Flex Snowboard Binding
    The Burton Mission Re:Flex Snowboard Binding is one of Burton's longest standing, most popular bindings thanks to its all-mountain versatility and supremely comfortable feel. This ride-anything binding is great for all-mountain shredders thanks to a versatile flex that's responsive enough to...
  • Burton Custom Re:Flex Snowboard Binding
    Well over a decade of constant innovation and refinement has resulted in the Burton Custom Re:Flex Snowboard Binding. One of the longest running bindings on the market, this classic has a medium-soft flex and dialed-in fit for riding the entire mountain. The plush Lushstrap brings an ultra-comfy...
  • Burton Freestyle Re:Flex Snowboard Binding
    A staple in the Burton line for over 20 years, the Freestyle Re:Flex Snowboard Binding offers smooth-flexing performance and a wallet-friendly price. Whether you're just learning to link turns or you're a veteran park slayer on a budget, the Freestyle has you covered. Its softer flex is easy to...
  • Burton Mission LTD Snowboard Binding
    Based on one of Burton's longest standing and most popular bindings, the Mission LTD Snowboard Binding is the same Mission you've known and loved for years, just with a new lightweight strap and a striking black-and-white colorway. This ride-anything binding is beloved by all-mountain shredders...
  • Flow Nexus Hybrid Snowboard Binding
    The brand new Flow Nexus Hybrid Snowboard Binding is a versatile all-around binding for the rider who might be cruising groomers or lapping the park one day and search for pow stashes the next. It has a medium flex so you can go from sliding boxes to bombing steeps without skipping a beat, and it...
  • Flow Nexus Fusion Snowboard Binding
    Calibrated for all-mountain fun, the Flow Nexus Fusion Snowboard Binding offers versatile performance that you can take from the park to the trees. It has a medium flex that balances playfulness and response, and Flow's famous rear-entry system gets you locked and loaded quickly so you don't...
  • Flow NX2-GT Fusion Snowboard Binding
    Enjoy the ultimate connection between your feet and your board for freeriding domination with the Flow NX2-GT Fusion Snowboard Binding. The lightest and most responsive binding in Flow's line, it's the go-to choice for the Flow team when precision and control is critical. The Modback highback and...
  • Flow NX2-GT Hybrid Snowboard Binding
    As Flow's lightest, stiffest, and most responsive binding, the Flow NX2-GT Hybrid Snowboard Binding delivers razor-sharp control when you're accelerating down steeps, carving between tight trees, and sending gigantic kickers at blistering speeds. Best suited for advanced riders seeking the...
  • Flow NX2-Redwood Hybrid Snowboard Binding
    NX2-Redwood Hybrid Snowboard Binding
  • Flow NX2 Fusion Snowboard Binding
    Essentially a slightly softer version of the NX2-GT, the Flow NX2 Fusion Snowboard Binding retains most of the same features of its big brother, with the main difference being replacing the carbon and aluminum highback found on the GT with a somewhat more playful glass-filled nylon highback. The...
  • Flow NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Binding
    Built for riders who ride fast and go big, the Flow NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Binding strikes an ideal balance between a highly responsive feel and freestyle-friendly flex. Built off the same chassis as Flow's top-dog NX2-GT, the NX2 Hybrid is a high-performance, extremely comfortable binding with a...
  • Flow Fuse-GT Fusion Snowboard Binding
    Arm your shred arsenal with the versatile, go-anywhere performance of the Flow Fuse-GT Fusion Snowboard Binding. It offers a precise and responsive feel for navigating steep terrain and launching big jumps, with just enough flexibility to get loose when you're shredding the jib line or surfing...
  • Flow Fuse-GT Hybrid Snowboard Binding
    Engineered with the locked-in support desired by freeride enthusiasts and all-terrain riders, the Flow Fuse-GT Hybrid Snowboard Binding serves up a highly responsive flex and Flow's signature Reclining HiBack for streamlined entry and exit. This top-shelf binding features Active Strap Technology,...
  • Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Binding
    Designed for high-flying freestyle antics, the Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Binding blends a park-friendly flex with ample cushioning for hours of comfort on the slopes. This fun-focused binding features a glass-filled nylon ModBack and rockered baseplate for a freestyle friendly feel--no matter if...
  • Flow Fuse Hybrid Snowboard Binding
    Whether you're dialing in tricks for an upcoming slopestyle event or scoring fresh turns in the trees, the Flow Fuse Hybrid Snowboard Binding places an emphasis on having fun across the entire mountain with its versatile, mid-level flex. This fun-focused binding uses a glass-filled ModBack that's...
  • Flow Five Fusion Snowboard Binding
    Get off the lift and strapped-in faster than all your friends with a little help from the Flow Five Fusion Snowboard Binding. This binding maximizes quick-and-easy entry and exit with its convenient, Reclining HiBack design. Simply unhinge the back, pull it open, slide your foot in, and lock up...
  • Flow Five Hybrid Snowboard Binding
    With its mid-soft flex, easy-to-use design, and wallet-friendly price, the Flow Five Hybrid Snowboard Binding is a great choice whether you're a veteran park junkie or just a casual rider looking for a comfy and convenient option. Flow's rear-entry design makes it quick and easy to strap in. The...
  • Flux XV Snowboard Binding
    Built for riders who chase big-mountain lines and charge down groomers at intense speeds, the Flux XV Snowboard Binding delivers the ultra-responsive and supportive feel needed for pointing it down couloirs, laying into carves, and sending cliffs. Flux used a carbon blended baseplate and titanium...
  • Flux XF Snowboard Binding
    Pick apart technical lines and bomb huge steeps beyond the ropes with the aggressive, hard-charging prowess of the Flux XF Snowboard Binding. Built for stiffness and instant response, the XF features an Axis highback that has a spine running through the forward lean adjuster for maximum heelside...
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