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  • Rossignol XV Magtek Spiltboard - Wide
    XV Magtek Spiltboard - Wide
  • Nitro Doppleganger Splitboard
    When you're looking to get even more deep, fluffy stuff than what's available at the resort, turn to the Nitro Doppleganger Splitboard. Built for going further and getting deeper, this splitboard has Hike Pods technology for better edge grip on the way up, and Cam-Out Camber and a directional...
  • Nitro Nomad Splitboard
    Leave the crowds at the resort behind and find your own line in the backcountry with the Nitro Nomad Splitboard. With a Voile-compatible insert pattern and included hooks, the Nomad will get you well on your way to exploring the mountains beyond the resort, and it comes at a price that rivals...
  • Never Summer Twenty Five Splitboard
    Built for surfing the white waves of the mountain, far from the crowded, tracked-out slopes of the resort, the Never Summer Twenty Five Splitboard represents 25 years of craftsmanship, quality, and innovation straight from the Rockies. With a unique "bat" tail shape and an elongated nose, the...
  • Never Summer Prospector Splitboard
    For riders earning their turns, the Never Summer Prospector Splitboard is a high-performance touring machine that skins up and rides down the steepest alpine cirques and deepest tree runs with ease. Never Summer didn't pull any punches when it came to loading the Prospector with all of its best...
  • Never Summer Prospector Splitboard X - Wide
    Seeking incredible stability and next-level response for dissecting steep lines and floating through fresh powder' If so, the Never Summer Prospector X Wide Splitboard is a great choice for the big-footed rider looking to explore beyond the resort's boundaries. This wide splitboard accommodates...
  • Never Summer West Splitboard
    When you're headed into the backcountry in search of deep powder, make sure you have the Never Summer West Splitboard to help you conquer it all. Equipped with a more aggressive version of Never Summer's Rocker Camber profile and plenty of pop-and response-enhancing features, the West is designed...
  • Never Summer West X Splitboard - Wide
    What's the point in moving all the way out West if you can't take advantage of all the wild peaks outside the resort' The Never Summer West X Wide Splitboard is your ticket to untouched powder bliss. Whether you like surfing through mellow glades or bombing down hairy steeps, the West X delivers....
  • Rome Whiteroom Splitboard
    From the pristine powder of the Tetons to the glaciated peaks of the North Cascades, the Rome Whiteroom Splitboard is your vehicle for boundless backcountry exploration, far beyond the crowded slopes and overpriced tickets of the ski resorts. The Whiteroom Split features a directional shape for...
  • Rome Double Agent Splitboard
    Splitboards have come a long way since the days of being limited to big powder guns and gigantic swallowtails. Staying true to Rome's envelope-pushing ethos, the Rome Double Agent Splitboard takes a freestyle-specific approach to backcountry riding with its almost twin shape and poppy,...
  • Rossignol XV Magtek Splitboard
    Designed to help big-mountain legend Xavier De La Rude access and ride the gnarliest, steepest, and most remote big-mountain lines, the Rossignol XV Magtek Splitboard features high-powered construction and a nearly unsinkable shape to push freeriding to the next level. Built to handle Xavier's...
  • Lib Technologies T.Rice Goldmember Firepower Splitboard
    Why limit yourself to riding technical lines at the resort when you can unlock everything the backcountry has to offer on the Lib Tech T. Rice Goldmember Firepower Splitboard' Unlike the chattery, unstable splits of yesteryear, this board is a powerful, stable beast built for tackling serious big...
  • Salomon Snowboards Split Splitboard
    Based on the pow-slashing shape of the legendary Sick Stick, the Salomon Split Splitboard excels along a wide variety of backcountry terrain, ranging from tight aspens to open bowls and steep chutes. The Salomon Split floats effortlessly in the deepest snow, thanks to its tapered twin shape and...
  • Smokin Jetson Splitboard
    Bringing a freestyle-flavored feel to your steep and deep adventures, the Smokin Jetson Splitboard opts for a twin shape with large, spoon-like tips for maximum float when you're making surfy turns down backcountry bowls and slashing powder through tight aspen glades. Since it's a true twin, the...
  • Voile Revelator Splitboard
    Once you discover the freedom of the backcountry, you may have a revelation that leads to you never getting a season pass again. The Voile Revelator Splitboard helps you get to the top of distant peaks and shreds untracked powder like a solid board. Splitboards have traditionally used drilled...
  • Voile Revelator BC Splitboard
    If you're lucky enough to live in a place where chest-deep turns are the norm, then you want the Voile Revelator BC Splitboard when you head into the backcountry. It has a long, rockered nose and a tapered tail to keep you afloat in bottomless powder. Splitboards have traditionally used drilled...
  • Voile V-Tail Splitboard
    The only reason you're in the backcountry in the first place is to score untracked snow after the storm has ended, so you might as well have a powder-specific shape while you're out there. The Voile V-Tail Splitboard has a long, rockered nose and a swallowtail to keep you afloat in the deepest...
  • Voile Spartan Splitboard
    Forgoing fancy carbon lay-ups, unnecessary graphics, and excess frills, the Voile Spartan Splitboard sticks to a simple, effective design that's incredibly robust and a whole lot of fun on everything from powdery bowls to tight aspen glades. This directional splitboard features a subtle taper...
  • Weston Snowboards Big Chief Splitboard
    Assert your big-mountain dominance with the aggressive flex and hard-charging personality of the Weston Big Chief Splitboard. Conquering intimidating faces and steep lines, the Big Chief Splitboard comes in longer sizes for supreme stability and float. It's a great choice for aggressive riders...
  • Weston Snowboards Range Splitboard
    Designed for the intimidating summits, open bowls, and deep glades of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, the Weston Range Splitboard offers impressive versatility for conquering wide swaths of backcountry terrain. It's the most versatile splitboard in Weston's line, and excels through varying conditions...
  • Weston Snowboards Backwoods Splitboard
    Seeing that your riding time is precious, it pays to ditch the resort's chaotic lines and boilerplate runs for the blissful solitude and blower powder of the backcountry. A dreamstick for powder pilgrimages into remote ranges, the Weston Backwoods Splitboard effortlessly surfs and slashes across...
  • Jones Snowboards Carbon Solution Splitboard
    Despite Jones' reputation for creating fun, laid-back boards, the Carbon Solution Splitboard is definitely not the board for mellow pow laps on low-angle terrain or playfully cruising. In fact, the Carbon Solution specifically caters to hard-charging backcountry riders looking to straight-line...
  • Arbor Coda Splitboard
    Ditch the maddening lines and tracked-out snow of resorts with the Arbor Coda Splitboard guiding you to pristine lines in the backcountry. The Coda Splitboard is based off the legendary Coda, but with a reclined version of The System Rocker for increased skinning contact and better float in deep...
  • Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Splitboard
    When Bryan Iguchi puts his name on a snowboard, you'd better damn well take note. This legendary ripper came together in a brainstorm with Arbor to deliver the perfect tool for backcountry exploration, and the glorious result is the Bryan Iguchi Pro Splitboard. With traditional camber, Karakoram...
  • Burton Family Tree Landlord Splitboard
    Put lift lines and clueless ski tourists behind you and blaze your own trail in the backcountry with the Burton Family Tree Landlord Splitboard. This powderhound floats effortlessly in bottomless snow, but don't go thinking this board is a one-trick pony--the Landlord Split also rips on hardpack...
  • Burton Family Tree Custom Splitboard
    After spending the last two decades pushing the standards of what an all-mountain board can do, the Custom finally has a versatile backcountry sibling in the Burton Custom Splitboard. Propel yourself toward an all-new world of untracked adventures with this legendary, cambered, twin-shaped board....
  • Burton Family Tree Anti-Social Splitboard - Women's
    Break things off with crowded lift lines, grab the Burton Women's Family Tree Anti-Social Splitboard, and start linking up with fresh turns daily. Featuring a floaty and lightweight feel, the Anti-Social is designed with a progressive tapered shape, and it utilizes the Channel mounting system for...
  • Burton Flight Attendant Splitboard
    Building from the iconic performance of the original Flight Attendant, the Burton Flight Attendant Splitboard brings a soulful freeride spirit to your human-propelled backcountry adventures. Falling between the hard-charging Landlord Split and happy-medium flex of the Custom Split, the Flight...
  • G3 Scapegoat Carbon Splitboard
    Don't even bother trying to come up with an excuse; you skipped work because it snowed 16 inches overnight and the G3 Scapegoat Carbon Splitboard was begging you to go play in it--we're sure your boss will understand. This powder-slaying beast features insanely light and responsive full Carbon...
  • Jones Snowboards Storm Chaser Splitboard
    Packing ridiculous float into a short, stubby swallowtail, the Jones Storm Chaser Splitboard excels at surfing across the deepest powder in low-angle trees, wide open bowls, and mellow backcountry terrain. Based on the surfing premise that shorter shapes can be significantly widened for exemplary...
  • Jones Snowboards Ultracraft Splitboard
    The Jones Ultracraft Splitboard is constructed to slay the seemingly impossible, hard-to-reach backcountry lines, where every ounce effects the long, uphill skin. As such, the Ultracraft Splitboard is nearly a pound lighter (about 25% less) than the comparable Hovercraft Split, thanks to Jones'...
  • Arbor Swoon Splitboard
    Move beyond the confines of tracked-out resorts and maddening lift lines with the Arbor Swoon Splitboard guiding you to fresh lines and untapped terrain. It's built off a reclined version of The System Rocker for better uphill skinning and easier float in the deep stuff. Grip Tech sidecut adds...
  • Jones Snowboards Solution Splitboard
    From jagged peaks in AK to stacked spines in Nepal, Jeremy Jones continually pushes backcountry snowboarding to the loftiest heights. Representing Jeremy's favorite choice for skinning up and ripping down the most demanding lines on the planet, the Jones Solution Splitboard distills decades of...
  • Jones Snowboards Solution Splitboard - Wide
    From bagging first descents in Nepal to dropping spines in AK, Jeremy Jones continually pushes backcountry snowboarding to the loftiest heights. Representing Jeremy's favorite choice for skinning up and ripping down the most demanding lines on the planet, the Jones Solution Wide Splitboard...
  • Jones Snowboards Aviator Splitboard
    Slice through spring corn, charge intimidating steeps, and turn the backcountry into your personal playground with the Jones Aviator Splitboard. This hard-charging favorite is based off the big-mountain freestyle performance of the regular Aviator snowboard, but it's split for your backcountry...
  • Jones Snowboards Hovercraft Splitboard
    Based off the legendary pow-surfing shape of the original Hovercraft, the Jones Hovercraft Splitboard reigns supreme over your favorite backcountry stash with effortless float, fluid turn initiation, and precise control across icy steeps. As its name implies, the Hovercraft Split delivers...
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